ONSPlus v1.0
Author: John "Shambler" Barrett
Author of this readme: Slaughter
Contact: Shambler__@Hotmail.com / Shambler@OldUnreal.com, ICQ: 108730864


ONSPlus requires the v3369 patch for Unreal Tournament 2004, or higher.


Copy the following files to your client/server's System folder:

  • ONSPlus.u
  • ONSPlus.ini
  • ONSPlus.ucl

You can run ONSPlus on your server as a mutator by placing Mutator=ONSPlus.ONSPlusMutator on the server startup script command line.

Optionally you can add ServerActors=ONSPlus.ONSPlusServerActor to the ServerActors list in the [Engine.GameInfo] section of your ut2004.ini file. This will make sure ONSPlus is added to the mutator list all the time regardless of whether it is in the command line or not.

About ONSPlus

I have always made it a point to make Epic aware of bugs (minor or otherwise) that I have encountered while playing UT2k4, most especially those that exist in Onslaught. Every time there has been a beta patch put into work and released for testing I have mailed in my list of bugs to the UT2k4 mods mailing list and while this has resulted in some important fixes in the past (thank you Epic! :) ) there are still, understandably, a lot of bugs Epic did not have the time to fix.

Thus I started work on ONSPlus, to iron out all those little nagging problems/bugs that I still see in Onslaught and to add some enhancements to the game. Since the initial versions of ONSPlus, Epic has included some of its fixes in their patches.


The Onslaught (ONS) and VehicleCTF (vCTF) game types have had (configurable) improvements and fixes:

Improvement / Fix Game Type
Drop Checks: If an exit point of your vehicle is at a long drop you will not get out of that exit point unless all points are at a drop. ONS/vCTF
Dodge Style Exit Selection: You can now choose which side of your vehicle you want to get out from - Added configurable options for how this should function. (Client side and server side) ONS/vCTF
Enhanced Radar Map: It now shows all vehicles that have re-spawned at your teams nodes. And you can select specific vehicles so you spawn closer to them ONS
Shared Node Scoring: When linking with teammates, the score is shared evenly. This includes destroying nodes as well as building them. (and optionally, vehicles too) ONS
Score Bonus: Score for repairing occupied vehicles and turrets (configurable bonus). ONS/vCTF
Score Bonus: Score for damaging occupied vehicles and turrets (configurable bonus). ONS/vCTF
Lift Beacons: Added command to call vehicles for a lift, when activated a 'Thumbs Up' beacon will appear over your head to all drivers on your team (and on all drivers HUD map). ONS/vCTF
The stuck 'Missile Lock' warning has been fixed. ONS/vCTF
Scorpian turret sometimes getting stuck as charged even when vehicle is empty has been fixed. ONS/vCTF
Fixed not being able to enter vehicles while ducking. ONS/vCTF
Fixed Raptors spinning around when you look up/down too far. ONS/vCTF
You can turn off peoples ability to select a preferred team (helps prevent balance problems). ONS/vCTF

Most of these options are configurable both serverside (through .ini and WebAdmin) and Clientside (the ONSPlus button on the Game tab within the Main Menu).

Note: Other fixes that have been included in Epic patches are not listed here.


Titan Onslaught - http://ut2004.titaninternet.co.uk
Slaughter's Place - http://slaughtersplace.com

Many many thanks to the members of the Titan Onslaught community who helped me build this mutator :) This was tested entirely on the Titan 32 Player Onslaught server and by the people who play there. Many features/fixes/tweaks in this are a result of the feedback I have gotten from this great and dedicated community. Without their help and ideas ONSPlus would not exist!

Some of the people who have been of special help with this: (no order)

Piglet - Titan server admin, Piglet has continuously given me help with running and testing ONSPlus since I started writing it
Keith - Owner of Titan's servers, which is the place that got me working on ONSPlus and where it's been running since I started it
Slaughter/enDLine - Many thanks to these two for going to the trouble of creating the fancy HTML readme's. ;)


You may not redistribute this mod for money or take code from the mod without my permission. 99% chance I will allow you to use the code, just be nice and ask ok? Nobody likes to find their code ripped. :p And I can't be held accountable for any damages it may cause and whatever other legal bullshit people put at the end of readme's.