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NETflow BETA now available for download!

NETflow, SP Programs' Web Browser, is now available for BETA downloads. Version b Available -  DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

Icon XTractor v1.0 Released!

Icon XTractor is an easy to use program for cloning icons from practically anywhere.
  It can clone icons(*.ico) and applications’ (*.exe, *.dll) icons, file icons and more!
  It can then save them as nearly any popular image format (BMP, JPG, GIF, IMG, ICO, JP2000, DDS, TGA, and more!)
  Also it can copy mouse cursors(*.cur, *.ani), and Convert any image into a Windows Icon(*.ico)!
  All this in about 6 clicks!
              DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

Eject-O-Disk is finally Finished!

Tired of forgetting there's a disk in the drive, and realizing after you've shut down your computer?
  Well thanks to 'Eject-O-Disk, those days are gone! With an easy to use, small interface, you can no eject disks at the click of a button! Set Eject-O-Disk to open disk drive on every shutdown and never forget to eject again.
  Sure it's small, but you can make it smaller by hiding it in the system tray and forget about it. Now with options to only eject drive if there's a disk in your drive, always eject at shutdown, or just don't! Also Eject-O-Disk can tell you if there is or is not a disk in your drive, and the disk's name!  Download a demo now, get a taste of it before anyone else on the web!

Download SP Text Encoder v1.0 now!

If you want your text files safe from prying eyes, this is the programs for you! Just copy and paste your text into the encoder, click Save. You then set a 16 character password for extra safety, and it's encoded! Click Here to see what it's like! Click here to download it now!

company news

April 10, 2007

Icon XTractor v1.0 complete, and uploaded to C|NET Download it here now!

April 15, 2007

Eject-O-Disk is fully finished! With many more features than it's predecessor, it's the best ever! Click Here to go to the SP Programs Eject-O-Disk download page, and get it before anyone else!

April 16, 2007

SP Programs' web site gets it's long awaited overhaul, thanks to Free Website! We hope you like the new look!

June 20, 2007

NETflow, SP Programs' Web Browser, is now available for BETA downloads. Version b Available -  DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

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