Acclaim is a printing company located in Dublin, specialising in the design and printing of high-quality wedding stationery. Whether you require a fully co-ordinated suite of personalised stationery, or simply a well-produced invitation card, you are sure to find the perfect solution amongst our extensive range.

Our aim is to provide personalise stationery that is tailored to your own requirement. We take great pride in being able to mix and match formats, typestyles, cards and paper types to produce your own unique design - you can even include your favourite characters, cartoons etc. No matter how unusual your design request, we will produce a top quality job to your specification. The photographs on these pages illustrate our different formats, paper types and finishes and are all available as matching sets of Invitations, Reply Cards, Mass/Order of Service booklets, Thank You cards, Place Name cards, Presentation Boxes and Scrolls in mailing tubes.

we use only the finest grades of papers and boards to ensure colour, clarity and consistency for every Invitation, Reply Card, Booklet and Scroll before being presented to you. We strongly recommend that you call into us to see and feel the quality of our products for yourself.

We also realise that, with arrangements being made at a frantic pace all around you, you may have trouble contacting us during normal business hours. Why not phone us to arrange an appointment for our after-hours service?

Acclaim Personalised Wedding Stationery 39 Monastery Drive Clondalkin Dublin 22
Telephone: (01) 459 3956
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