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Meteosail Europe wind and weather forecast charts

Online Weather Cork Harbour very tidy 2day forecast

Online Weather Cork Harbour  15Day

WeatherOnline -- Fastnet  accurate wind forecasts for up to 7 days - [Today's  Weather] - Weather for today in Cork. Enter your town to get weather for your area. - [7 Day Weather Forecast] - Weather for this week in Cork. Enter your town to get weather for your area. Worth a look.



BBC Inshore Waters Forecast

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XC Weather: 6 day met conditions

Passage Weather: excellent rolling weather picture

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Météo France - Euro net :  Marine weather forecasts worldwide Excellent site

Theyr Weather forecast: Icelandic weather chart. Good on winds.

Theyr Weather Ireland GFS-Europa

wetterzentrale 9 Day Synoptic forecast The dog's danglies: Download and away you go



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