Albert Lee - Speechless
MCA Master Series 1986 MCA5693

1. T-Bird To Vegas
(Albert Lee)

2. Bullish Boogie
(Albert Lee)

3. Seventeenth Summer
(Albert Lee)

4. Salt Creek
(Arranged by Albert Lee)

5. Arkansas Traveller
(Arranged by Albert Lee)

6. Cannonball
(Duane Eddy & Lee Hazelwood)

7. Romany Rye
(Albert Lee)

8. Erin
(Albert Lee)

Albert Lee - guitar, mandolin (piano on 7,8)
Jim Cox - Keyboards, synthesised banjo/steel guitar
Greg Humphrey - bass
Sterling "Biff" Ball - Bass on 3
Chad Wackerman - drums

Produced by Albert Lee and Bradley Hartman for Poshrat Productions.
Engineered by Bradley Hartman with assistance from Jeff Bennett.
Tracks recorded at One On One Studios, North Hollywood, California.
Overdubbed and Mixed at Enactron Studios, North Hollywood, California.
Mixed to JVC Digital.
Mastered by Glen Meadows at Masterfonics using the JVC Digital Audio Mastering System.
With Special Thanks to Karen Lee, Sterling "Biff" Ball & Tony Brown for their encouragement. I raise a creamy pint to: Ernie Ball, Tom Walker, Seymour Duncan, Keith Walker, Tom Wheeler, Blake Morris, Phil Kubicki and Erwin Bieber. JBL, Lexicon, Klark-Teknik and Music Man.

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