Dive Courses


Here at Portugal Divers Algarve we choose to offer two types of course, from PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) and the B.S.A.C.(British Sub-Aqua Club)

They are similar in structure, but cater for slightly different styles and requirements - please speak to us to discuss them further.


PADI                                            BSAC

Discover SCUBA/Discover SCUBA Diving

Bubblemaker        (8-12 year olds)                 Try-a-Dive

SEAL Team           (8-12 year olds)                Club Diver

SCUBA Diver        (12 +)                                 Ocean Diver

Open Water Diver     "                                    Sports Diver

Adventure Diver        "                                     Dive Leader

Advanced Diver         "

Rescue Diver              "

Divemaster           (18+)