Anjuman Mazarain   

                            Punjab (AMP)


                                           (“Tenant’s Association of the Punjab”)



Privatisation, Dispossession and the Anjuman Mazarain Punjab Three years ago, the military government of Pakistan announced plans to privatise a series of state companies controlling vast areas of land in central Pakistan. For the people who have worked this land as tenants for generations, it was apparent that behind this plan was an agenda of eviction and dispossession. From this realisation, under the slogan of Malki ya Maut - Ownership or Death – the Anjuman Mazarain Punjab, literally Tenants Association of the Punjab, was formed, one of the largest grassroots social movements in the world. The AMP have ignited a whole new debate within Pakistan centred around land, the agenda of privatisation, the elite capture of resources,  and the persistent sabotaging of the democratic process by the military.


Siege, arrest, abduction, torture and murder: The state’s reaction has been brutal. Siege, arrest, abduction, torture and murder – all under the auspices of ‘anti-terrorist’ legislation – have become commonplace. So far, eleven people have died, tens have been seriously injured and thousands are charged with terrorism. Peaceful resistance on part of the tenants has met with open firing, tear gassing and baton charges on crowds of unarmed women and children defending their villages from being invaded by the soldiers.


Urgent call for International Solidarity – The Coming Siege: For the last three years the harvest month of April has been the flashpoint. Under increasing pressure to sign away existing rights to their land, the farmers of the AMP have responded by refusing to relinquish the traditional 50% share of their harvest to authorities. We have no reason to believe that this April will be any different.  


In response to the expected renewal of human rights abuses against the people of the AMP we call for solidarity actions this April - in particular on April 17, the International Day of Farmers’ Struggle.


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