Andrew McGovern: They Laughed at This Man's Funeral
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They Laughed at This Man's Funeral

Andy McGovern from Aughavas Co. Leitrim recounts stories and anecdotes from his father, Jimmy and the local communty in the 1940's and 50's. He tells us about the Ireland from which today's Ireland has developed, an astonishing account in itself. Andy has motor neurone disease and he typed these charming stories with his right foot, as he no longer has the use of his arms.

This is the story about a man named Jimmy McGovern, born in 1890, and who died in 1984, aged 94 years. He was a talented man by any standards, with that rare gift of being able to make people laugh. He lived all his life on his small farm at Corroneary, Aughavas, Co. Leitrim. His jokes and wit were of his own making. He never missed the opportunity to answer back when the occasion arose, regardless of the person or persons at the receiving end. This is why his son, Andy, is putting some of his humour into this book.

"Jimmy McGovern made people laugh all his life. They laughed even at his funeral, as you will see later! I believe that laughter is the best of medicines and if I can make one person laugh, or become happy, by reading this book, I have achieved my objective. If there is anything good to be said about motor neurone disease, it is that it has been responsible for my writing this book. Enjoy it!" Andy McGovern
"This is a document of a lost way of life that, in our modern world, seems almost forgeign, even exotic. Andy has provided us with a book that is wonderfully beguiling, frequently crazily humourous and which ultimately makes for compelling reading."
Mick Lally, Actor
"Andy is an inspiration to all human beings. His life has proved that obstacles are there to be overcome, while society often believes that obstacles are insurmountable. May his attitude permeate the fabric of Irish society."
Kevin Kelly, Author of
"How, When You Don't Know How"
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