Cavan County Athletics Board





Bye Laws






The Cavan County Athletics Board is fully committed to safeguarding the well being of all its members.  Every  individual  in  the  organisation  should  at  all  times  show  respect  and  understanding  for  members  rights,  consider  the  safety  and  welfare  of  each  athlete  and  conduct  themselves  in  a  manner  that  reflects  the  principles  of  the  Athletics Association of Ireland and  the  guidelines  contained  in  the  Code  of  Ethics  and  good  practice  for  Children  in  Sport  in  Ireland.





1.1                                     The name of the Association shall be ‘Bord Lutchleas An Cabhain’ [Cavan County Athletics Board] hereinafter referred to as the Board.

1.2                                     It shall be   formed in accordance with Article 6 of the Constitution of the Athletics Association of Ireland  [AAI] and Paragraphs 6 and 7 of the Bye-Laws of AAI.

1.3                                     It shall carry out the duties of a County Board as set out in Paragraph 8 of the Bye-Laws of AAI. 

1.4                                     It shall be bound by the Constitution, Bye Laws and Rules of AAI.





2.1     The objectives of the Board shall be to promote Amateur Athletics and related social activities within Co. Cavan.

2.2     The Board shall administer athletics in the county as directed by the Provincial Council and the Board of AAI.






3.1               Membership of the Board shall be divided into two categories as follows 

                   [a]      Registered Club Members.

                   [b]     Honorary Members.


3.2               Club Members shall be Registered members of affiliated clubs and their officers.




3.3             Honorary members shall be those who in the opinion of the Board have rendered exceptional service to the cause of Cavan Athletics.  A special list of honorary members shall be kept by the Secretary of the Board


3.4              The Board  shall  consist  of:

[a]      Chairperson  of  the  Board

                   [b]    Vice  Chairperson  of  the  Board

                   [c]      Secretary  of  the  Board.

                   [d]     Competitions  Secretary  of  the  Board

                   [e]    Treasurer  of  the  Board

                   [f]    Assistant  Treasurer  of  the  Board

                   [g]    Press  Officer  of  the  Board

                   [h]    Schools  Athletic  Co-ordinator

                   [i]     Coaching  Officer

                   [j]     Sportshall  Co-ordinator

[k]      Executive Committee  Members  i.e.  One  Member appointed  by each  club

[l]   Two  Delegates  from  each  affiliated  club.



3.5     The administration of the affairs of the Board shall be vested in its Annual Convention, Co Board, Executive Committee and other Committees agreed at Board meetings.


3.6     The Officers shall be elected at the Annual Convention and shall hold Office until after the appointments at the next Annual Convention.


3.7     The Board shall appoint a Child Protection Officer at its first meeting or at the Annual Convention, who shall report directly to the Board.


3.8     The County Board shall select the teams to represent the County in Inter-County competitions


                   3.9     Applications for affiliation by a club shall be submitted to the County Board, which will have the power to affiliate clubs provisionally.

Affiliation provisionally granted by the County Board must be confirmed   at its next  meeting by way of approval of   two thirds majority of those clubs present and entitled to vote.  This must also represent at least half of the votes of all affiliated clubs present at the meeting.









4.1     The Annual Convention of the Board shall be held each year not later than 31st October and the quorum shall be one third of the club delegates entitled to attend.

4.2     The Annual Convention shall be held at a central venue decided upon by a meeting of the County  Board.


4.3               At  the  Annual  Convention  those  entitled  to  vote  shall  be  members    of  the  Executive  Committee  and  three  delegates  from  each  club.

4.4          At least three weeks  notice  specifying  the  date,  place  and  hour  of  the  Annual  Convention  shall  be  given.  Special  Conventions  may  be  called  on  shorter  notice.

4.5          The  Secretary’s  report,  the  Treasurers  report  together with an  account  of  Receipts  and  Expenditure  and  Balance  Sheet  shall  be issued  with  Agenda,  Nominations  and  Notices  of  motion  14  days  before  Annual  Convention.

4.6          At  any  Convention  a  resolution  put  to  the  vote  of  Convention  shall   be  decided  on  a  show  of  hands  unless  a  Poll  is  demanded  [before  the  show  of  hands]  by  one  club  present  and  entitled  to  vote,  and  unless  a  Poll  so  demanded,  a  declaration  by  the  chairperson  that  a  resolution  on  a  show  of  hands  has  been  carried,  or  carried  unanimously,  or  by  a  particular  majority,  or  lost,  and  a  minute  to  that  effect  in  the  book  of  the  proceedings  of  the  Convention,  shall  be  conclusive  evidence  of  the  fact  without  further  proof.

4.7          If  a  Poll  is  duly  demanded  it  shall  be  taken  forthwith,  and  in  such  a  manner  as  the  chairperson  directs,  and  the  result  of  the  poll  shall  be  deemed  to  be  resolution  of  the  convention  at which  the  poll  was  demanded.

4.8          Voting  for  all  appointments  shall  be  by  ballot.

4.9          On  a  show  of  hands  or  a  poll,  every  person  present  in  person  and  entitled  to  vote,  shall  have  one  vote  only  except  as  provided  in  law  4.10.

4.10        In  the  case  of  an  equality  of  votes,  whether  on  a  show  of  hands  or  on  a  poll,  the  chairperson  of  the  convention  shall  be  entitled  to  a  second  or  casting  vote.

4.11        The    Secretary  of  the  Board  shall  be  the  Secretary  of  Annual  Convention.

4.12        The  business  of  the  Annual  Convention  shall  be:

              [a] To  scrutinise  the  credentials  of  those  present.

              [b] To  confirm  the  minutes  of  the  previous  convention.

              [c] To  receive  the  Secretary’s  report.

              [d] To  receive  the   Treasurer’s  report  and  statement  of  accounts.  The  latter  to  incorporate  a  Receipts  and  Expenditure  Account  and  Balance  Sheet.

              [e] To  receive  the  reports  of  all  other  elected  officers

              [f] To  elect  Officers  of  the  Board.

              [g] To  elect  a  delegate  to  represent  Co  Board  at  Ulster  Meetings and  Ulster  Convention.

              [h] To  note  each  clubs  nominee  to  Executive  Committee.

              [i]  To  transact  any  business  of  which  notice  shall  have  been  given  on  the  Agenda  for  Convention                                     .

4.13        The  County  Board  shall  determine  the  number  of  representatives, so  that  they  are  not  less  than  two  from  each  club,  which  each  club  may  send   to  the  Annual  Convention.  The  Officers  of  the  County  Board  shall  be  ex-office  members  of  the  Convention,  and  the  Chairperson  of  the  Board  shall  if  present  preside  there-at.  The  first  business  of  the  Convention  shall  be  to  scrutinise  the  credentials  of  the  club  representatives.  Clubs  under  suspension  shall  not  be  entitled  to  send  representatives  to  Annual  Convention  and  individuals  under  suspension  shall  not  be  allowed   to  act  as  representatives  and  shall  not  be  eligible  for  any  office  in  the  Board  and  shall  not  act  for  or  represent  the  Board  in  any  capacity.


              The  Convention  shall  then  receive  the  Secretary’s  and  Treasurers  Reports,  elect  officers  of  the  County  Board  for  the  coming year,  and transact any other business.


4.14   The  Board  may  at  any  time,  summons  a  Special  Convention  of  the  Board  but  no  business  shall  be  transacted  there  at  except  that  for  which  it  is  specifically  called.  The  laws  and  rules  applying  to  the  Annual  Convention  shall also  apply  to  a  Special  Convention  so  far  as  considered  practical  by  the  Chairperson.


4.15The  Annual  Convention  shall  have  power  to  make  new   Rules  alter  existing   and  Rules  and  to  rescind  decisions  of  previous  Conventions  on  Notice  of  Motion  from  Clubs.  Such  notices  of  Motion  must  be  received  not  later  than  the  date  set  out  on  notice  convening  Annual  Convention,  and  may  not  be  passed  unless  by  a  two  third  majority  of  those  present  and  voting.

4.16        All  changes  of  or  Rules  adopted  by  Annual  Convention  shall  come  into  operation  t from  date of Convention,  unless  Convention  decides  otherwise.

4.17        The  County  Board  shall  meet  at  least  eight  times  in  each  year.



5.1     The  quorum  for  Board  meetings  shall  be  not  less  than  six  [6]  members.

5.2     The  Secretary  of  the  Board  shall  convene  the  meetings  of  the  Board  as  and  when  required,  and  at  least  seven  [7]  days  notice  shall  be  given  of  the  date,  time  and  place  of  the  meeting.5.5A  special  meeting  of  the  board  may  be  called  at  anytime  on  receipt  of  a  requisition  signed  by  not  less  than  five  [5]  members.  The  requisition  must  state  the  object  for  which  the  special  meeting  is  to  be  called.

5.3     Any  business  transacted  by  the  Board  after  seven  days  notice  has  been  sent  to  members,  can  only  be  rescinded  by  a two-thirds  majority  of  the  Board,  and  then  only  on  notice  of  motion  handed  in  at  a  subsequent  meeting.

5.4     The  Board  shall  control  all  events  associated  with  the  sport  of  Athletics  within  the  County (to include inter-alia clubs, schools, Co. Teams etc.

5.5     The  Board  may  delegate  any  of  its  duties  to  the  Executive  Committee  in  so  far  as  it  is  necessary  to  carry  on  the  work  of  the  Board between  Board  meetings.

5.6     The  Board  shall  not  accept  responsibility,  nor  shall  it  be  held  responsible  for  any  debts,  expenses  etc.  incurred  on  their  behalf  or  otherwise  by  any  club  or  Board.

5.7     The  Board  may  make Bye Laws Rules  for  the  Board , which  do  not  conflict  with  existing By Laws  and  Rules.

5.8     The  Board  may  at  any  time  summon  a  meeting  of  any  club  and  shall  have  power  to  inquire  into  and  examine  the  working  of  such  club.  It  shall  have  power  to  recommend  to  AAI that  it  suspend  the  club  if  investigation  has  shown  that  the  club’s  activities  have  been  contrary  to  the  aims  of  the  Association.  No  action  shall  be  taken  until  the  club  is  given  an  opportunity  of  being  heard  in  its  own  defence.

5.9     The  Board  may  expel  or  suspend  any  member  of  the  Association  provided  always  that  such  a  member  is  given  an  opportunity  of  being  heard  in  his/her  own  defence.

5.10   The  Cavan  county  colours  shall  be  Royal  Blue  and  White

5.11   A County  championship  may  be  competed  for  by  any  registered  Athlete::

[a]      Born  in  the  County

[b]     Resident  in  the  County  continuously  for  not  less  than  six  [6]  months  immediately  prior  to  the  date  of  such  Championships.

[c]      A  club  shall  not  include  in  its  list  of  members  or  new  members  the  name  of  any  person  who  is  a  member  of  an  existing  club.

5.12             It  is  recommended  that  Club  colours  be  worn  in  all  County  events.




6.1             The  introduction  or  use  of  alcohol  by  competitors  or  officials  at  fixtures  and  meetings  is  strictly  forbidden.

6.2     Promoters  of  Sports  and  Road  Races  within  the  County  must   have the prior  sanction (Permit) of  the  County  Board.