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Born in Barnstaple, North Devon, England.
1969-72 Fine Art Degree Course at Kingston Polytechnic.
1972-76 Fine Art Post Graduate Course at the Royal Academy, Piccadilly, London.
1978-88 Self employed, designing & decorating ceramic tiles for Victoria Tiles.
1990 Moved to Killeeneen, Co Galway, Ireland.
1991 Opened the Green Gallery, High Street, Galway.

   " Working in oil on canvas or board my early works were small, carefully composed and painted directly from life. I used thinned oil paint and small brushes.
From 2000-2007, still depicting the natural world my paintings were larger. I used larger brushes, thicker paint and a palette knife.
Since 2007 although still entranced by the light and colour of the natural world and animate and inanimate objects I am moving away from painting directly from life. I now use memory and choice so that my paintings can be judged for themselves rather than studies of nature.

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