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Ard Mhuire National School

Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross below were painted by children from Ard Mhuire a few years ago under the direction of their teacher, Mr Barry Brophy. If you click on each picture, you can see the enlarged version.

First Station by Ed Dunne

1. Jesus is Condemned to death.
(Ed Dunne)

Second Station by Denise O Sullivan

2. Jesus receives his cross
(Denise O Sullivan)

Third Station by Sandra O Brien

3. Jesus falls for the first time.
(Sandra O Brien)

Fourth Station by David Askin

4. Jesus meets his mother.
(David Askin)

Fifth Station by Andrew Sharp

5. Simon helps Jesus.
(Andrew Sharp)

Sixth Station by Alan Doherty

6. Veronica wipes the
face of Jesus.
(Alan Doherty)

Seventh Station by Keith Singleton

7. Jesus falls a second time.
(Keith Singleton)

Eight Station by Sarah-Anne Kennedy

8. Jesus meets the women.
(Sarah-Anne Kennedy)

Ninth Station by Paul Keenan

9. Jesus falls a third time.
(Paul Keenan)

Tenth Station by Lorraine Cornally

10. Jesus is stripped of
his garments.
(Lorraine Cornally)

Eleventh Station by Alan Kennedy

11. Jesus is nailed to the cross.
(Alan Kennedy)

Twelveth Station by Carl Banks

12. Jesus dies on the cross.
(Carl Banks)

Thirteenth Station by Eoin Parletti

13. Jesus is taken down
off the cross.
(Eoin Parletti)

Fourteenth Station by Leon Denton

14. Jesus is laid in the tomb.
(Leon Denton)

Photos and design by Fr Aquinas Duffy