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The Artist, Judy O’Sullivan


A graduate of Crawford College of Art, Cork and University College Cork, Judy O’Sullivan taught art in secondary school for a number of years. A growing interest in the therapeutic value of creativity led her to study art and colour therapy after which she took a career break from teaching and began to develop her own work. She left Dublin to live and paint in Clare.  She has exhibited in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Clare. She continues to explore art and colour therapy through her workshops


Judy works in mixed media, acrylic and watercolour. The work is small to medium scale – often dictated by the space in which she is working, or a wish to create a sense of intimacy such as we see in the small watercolours. Colour, or its absence, is of great importance and she will often begin a series of work as a meditation on a colour, allowing it to lead the way.


The images in the paintings all emerge during a process of drawing, painting, covering, uncovering, discovering. Entrances in the form of holes, gaps, grykes, and doorways recur, connecting elements of light and darkness, known and unknown. Forms such as pods explore the growth cycle; the pod or seed head holds the possibility of new beginnings.


Her recent work is all in some way connected to the body and is rooted in a sense of the sacred and includes references to sacred places, sacred imagery and elements of ritual involving fire and water.



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  1. Saffron wall 1 (series) 2002, mixed media/canvas, 21x28cm  (50x55cm framed)





Saffron wall 11  (series) 2002, mixed media /canvas, 21x28cm (50x55cm framed)





  1. Wedding journey 11 (series) 2001, acrylic/paper, 16x21.5cm (42x53cm framed)





  1. Wedding journey 111  (series) 2001, acrylic/paper, 16x21.5cm (42x53cm framed)






  1. Wedding journey 1V  (series) 2001, acrylic/paper, 16x21.5cm (42x53cm framed)







Winter celebration   2001 acrylic/paper    40 x





  1. Seeds of promise 1 pod series 2001, acrylic/paper, 28 x 28cm






Abundance 2001, watercolour 25 x 25cm



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