As Dúchas Dóchas is a limited company set up by Limerick County Council and FÁS. Since work commenced on the Local Training Initiative (LTI) in November 1999, As Dúchas Dóchas has concentrated on establishing itself as a project dedicated to the study and research of history and folklore in the West County Limerick area and to the training and instruction of FÁS trainees in computer proficiency and everyday life skills.

The board of As Dúchas Dóchas consists of Damien Brady, Aileen Dillane, Síle de Cléir and Helen Walsh of Limerick County Library Service, Oliver Killeen, Gerry Behan and Helen Hartnett from Limerick County Council.

David O'Grady is Project Manager
Catherine Hartigan is Assistant Project Manager

As Dúchas Dóchas acknowledges the assistance of FÁS personnel in both the Raheen Training Centre and the Newcastle West office, Limerick County Library Service and Limerick County Council.






Our Logo

The physical characteristics of the Oak lend themselves to symbolic interpretation; the acorn, from which the oak grows, is a tiny seed which slowly and over many years produces one of the largest trees in the forest, which is a metaphor for the growth of wisdom; the wood of the Oak is among the strongest and most enduring of all woods, resisting corruption for centuries; and the leaves, bark, acorns and ground sawdust of the oak may be used medicinally to cure various ailments, reinforcing the idea of protection and wisdom.