As Dúchas Dóchas


Help on Interactive Map

M a i n   M a p

The map of west County Limerick is divided into four sections by black dotted lines. To zoom in on any one of the sections, just click on it.

C o n t r o l   B a r

After zooming in you will notice the control bar at the bottom of the map, this is to give control over the features of the iMap, for example, clicking the "Zoom Out" button will take you back to the main map. Also, you can move to other areas of the main iMap by clicking any of the highlighted arrows.

I n f o r m a t i o n   B a r

Moving the mouse cursor over the the icon of any Town or village will display information such as both Irish and English names plus the meaning behind then. Population is also displayed for all towns and larger villages. Clicking the mouse on the choosen Town or Village will bring up more information.