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    Anders Trabjerg (accordion)


Anders Trabjerg was born in Denmark in 1976 and grew up in the village of Hee on the west coast of Jylland. 


His home was full of music and his parents were part time musicians for local parties and dances during his childhood (his father is a continental accordion player/composer and his mother plays the drums).  Anders started learning to play the accordion at the age of 7 and he was out playing with his parents a few years later.  He also played with a local accordion player – Arne Simonsen for Danish ceilidhe while his parents took to the dance floor.


Soon after he got interested in the folk music of Scandinavia, especially the fiddle music from Østerdalen/Røros in Norway and started travelling to these areas, sometimes with his parents to festivals or sometimes on his own.  The local people and musicians were very accommodating and helpful to this young Danish lad who wanted to learn their traditional music.


In 1994 Anders received the Titano Prize at Titano Festival in Norway for his work with Norwegian Traditional music.


It was in the same year that he became interested in Irish traditional music.  He then spent the next 2 years learning the tunes from Danish/Irish musicians in Aarhus, Denmark.  There were only a couple of places in Denmark where he could find an Irish session.  One of these places was Aarhus where sessions had been going on for more than 10 years when Anders joined in.  An even older session had been running in Copenhagan – the Danish capital and he was greatly inspired there. 


But it wasn’t enough and in July 1996 at the age of 20 he moved to Galway and found the music and culture that he was fascinated by.  Although he has been away from Ireland a number of times since, he has always come back and has lived in Galway permanently since 2000.


In 2001 Anders recorded his first solo album Boxed’ containing mostly Irish music and some Scandinavian tunes.  Niall Mc Quaid (Bodhran) and Verena Commins (piano) also played on the album, which was well received in Ireland and Internationally.  In 2002 it was awarded the Best Roots Release, 2001 at the Danish Music Awards.






    Tak Tamura (fiddle)


Takuji Tamura was born in Yokohama, Japan in 1974.   His family didn’t have a strong musical background but were always interested in music and Tak and his older brother played guitar as most teenagers do.  He didn’t come in contact with the fiddle for several years later when he was 19.  


At the age of 18, he left Japan and travelled to Sheffield, England.  He first heard Irish traditional music there - in Fagan’s bar, Broad Lane, which was a popular venue for Irish music at that time.  He started to regularly go to sessions to listen to talented local fiddle players – Patrick Walker and Nick Farrelly and his interest in Irish music grew.  After hearing “Julia Delaney” played by Tommy Peoples (on the Bothy Band’s first album) he made up his mind to purchase his first fiddle.  This was a life changing experience for him


At the beginning he taught himself to play fiddle by listening to some Irish music recordings and learnt about the basics of the instrument from a young man called Coleman Furey.  Three months after buying his first fiddle, he went to a session and was able to play a number of tunes, to the surprise of the locals at Fagan’s. 


Nick Farrelly an experienced fiddle player and renowned teacher in Yorkshire saw potential in Tak and became his fiddle tutor and mentor.  Tak steadily progressed and it became obvious that Sheffield was not the place for him to develop further.  As Nick Farrelly said - if you really want to learn the art of Irish music, don’t stay here go to Ireland.


In April 1995 he arrived in Galway and immersed himself in the music.  He is fascinated by the music of Co. Sligo, East Galway and Co. Clare and has studied the styles of these areas – by observing and listening to many fine fiddle players and of course with many hours of practise! 


His first recording was in January 1996 when he became involved with a band “Pangaea” and recorded a number of tracks with them. 


He has been living in Galway since 1995 and regularly plays with the local musicians there.  Tak is one of the few foreign musicians – like Anders who has integrated into the music scene in Galway. 


He is due to leave Ireland and move back to Japan at the end of 2004 where he will pursue a career in traditional Irish music.












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Guest Musicians


Arty McGlynn – Guitar

Naill McQuaid – Vocal & Bodhran

Verena Commins – Piano




























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Comment from Noel Hill


Tak Tamura and Anders Trabjerg are two wonderful musicians of diverse musical, geographic and cultural backgrounds but whose respective musical compass brought them to Co. Galway in Ireland.


Both deeply touched by the passion of Irish Traditional music, their common desire was to seek the true source and pulse of this music, Both Tak and Anders settled in the west of Ireland so that they could perfect their art, playing and learning the music directly form local musicians – from the heart of the tradition.


This new Album truly reflects their work and sincere dedication to that Tradition.  It echoes with sounds of legendary figures within the tradition. – echoes of the late Joe Cooley, (Co. Galway),  Paddy O’ Brien (Co. Offaly) and the fiddle music of Co. Clare and north Connaught.


This amalgam of styles comes naturally to them.  Their music is idiomatic and evocative.  Their repertoire consists of great dance tunes, Reels, Jigs, Hornpipes and Waltzes.


This is hearty, sincere music – some of the strong stuff!



Noel Hill



26th May 2004




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