has an O'Brien 15th century tower house built inside an earlier stone fort.

Portumna Castle
A rare example of a 17th century Irish mansion. Formerly the stronghold of the Clanrickardes, it was one of the first buildings in Ireland with Renaissance features. The runis of a small Dominican priory (1425) lie in the castle grounds.

Fiddaun Castle
(Fiodh Duin - wood of the fort)
This well-preserved O'Shaughnessy castle, (16th century), is situated 13 km from Corofin just beyond Lough Bunny and over the Galway border.

Dún Guaire Castle
A small 16th century castle which stands out prominently in the seashore. Named after the 7th century King of Connaught, Guaire whose palace had occupied the same site, the castle was built by the O'Hynes and later passed into the hands of the O'Shaughnessy and then the Martyn clans. It was sold to John Gogarty a poet and writer in 1924 who subsequenty sold it to Lady Christabel Ampthill.
The castle is open to the public and hosts medieval banquets with traditional Irish music and story telling.
(1km from Kinvara).

Lough Cutra Castle
On the shores of Lough Cutra Lake, 4 km from Gort. The ancestral home of the Verekers, later Viscounts Gort who gained local power in the 17th century wars and rejuvenated the area, making Gort the main market town in South Galway.
The castle is not open to the public.

Tuillira Castle
North of Gort on the N18. The home of Edward Martyn, poet, playwright and patron of the arts. Martyn was responsible for having many of the Celtic Revival treasures installed in St. Brenan's Cathedral, Loughrea and planned the founding of an Irish National Theatre with Yeats and Lady Gregory.

A medeval town and heart of a rich farming community was founded by Melier de Bermingham who built his castle by the ford on the Clareen river in 1235. A curtain wall with towers and a moat was constructed for protection. Today this is one of the best examples of town walling in Ireland with 5 towers and the North wall intact. A medieval festival is held here each year.

Oranmore stands under the shadow of a Clanricarde Burke Castle which played a prominent role in history during the Civil and Cromwellian wars.

Kilcolgan Castle
Overlooks the estuary of the Dunkellin River and was once the home of the St. George family who also owned Tyrone House (now in ruin).