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Ballina Colts Under 19 Boys

Ballina Colts Under 19
Results and Fixtures 2000/2001

ESB Junior Men's National (a) Cup
2nd / 3rd December
Venue: St. Malachy's Belfast

Date Time


Saturday 2nd 14.40 Ballina Colts 43 v 63 Killester
Saturday 2nd 17.20 Ballina Colts 71 v 69 Marian
Sunday 3rd 11.40 Ballina Colts 52 v 57 Star of the Sea

Ballina Colts made the long trip to Belfast on Saturday to take part in the Junior A cup for the first time in the clubs history. Ballina Colts under IBA rules had to move up to the A cup after last year's success in the winning Junior B cup for the first time. Ballina travelled with a very young panel, off which twelve are under age again next season. The team was also missing four of last years starting five.
Ballina lost the first game to Killester, won their second against Marian, and in the final game lost to Star of the Sea in the last game to see which team would be the winners.Ballina lost out to Killester to qualify on points difference. Both teams winning one game each.


In the first game Ballina played Killester, a very experienced team with Irish international stars Micheal Westbrooks and Dermot Kavangh. Ballina started with a starting five of Paul Freeman, Colm Leonard, Kevin Lenahan, Padraic Roche and Kevin Moran. Killester raced into a early lead with several three pointers, Colm Leonard got the Ballina team back into the game with great drives to the basket to leave the scores 11- 18 at the end of the first quarter. In the second quarter Ballina outscored Killester to leave the scores 21-27, in this period Paul Freeman and Kevin Lenahan getting the scores.
In the third quarter outside shoots from Colm Leonard and Padraic Roche gave Ballina the lead for the first time in the game, but Killester restored their lead at the end of the with big three pointers from Micheal Westbrooks to leave the scores 32- 39.
At the start of the second quarter Ballina moved to with two points with a three pointer from Stephen Hughes and free throws by Paul Freeman. Both teams went basket for basket until the final three minutes, at this stage Killester superior height told, and with Paul Freeman fouled out Michael Westbrooks took control of the game with some superb baskets on the fast break.

Ballina Colts Scores: Paul Freeman 18, Colm Leonard 11, Padraic Roche 9, Stephen Hughes 3, Kevin Lenahan 2.
Killester Scores: Micheal Westbrooks 26, Dermot Kavangh 19, Keith Dooley 9

Ballina Colts 71
U.C.D. Marian Dublin 69

In second game of the day Ballina played the cup finalists from last year. Ballina raced into the lead from the jump ball with a score from Padraic Roche. But Marian's Junior Irish international players Barry Glover and Mark Hargadon pushed them into a 14- 8 lead. Paul Freeman brought Ballina back into the game with great scores to give Ballina the lead at the end of the quarter 16-14.
In the second Quarter superb defense stopped Marians outside shooting and created scoring chances for Ballina on the fast break for Colm Leonard and Kevin Lenahan. Padraic Roche hit a big three pointer on the buzzer to give Ballina a 34-26 lead at half time.
At the start of the third quarter Barry Glover torn Ballina apart to give Marian a 38-34 lead and things started to look bad for this young Ballina team. A steal by Kevin Moran started a Ballina comeback and his pass to Paul Freeman to score on the break. Another three pointer from Colm Leonard left the scores 47-47 at the end of the quarter.
In the last quarter both teams went basket for basket. Ballina had three pointers from Leonard and Shane Melia, but Marian stay in the game with six free throws in a row. Another three pointer Colm Leonard gave Ballina a 65- 61 lead but Glover scored to leave the score 65-63. But Ballina were not going to lose this game and again Colm Leonard scored with one minute to go to leave the score 69 - 66 .Mark Hargadon replied with a three pointer, but free throws from Padraic Roche and Kevin Moran sealed a first every win over Marian 71 -69.

Ballina Colts Scores: Paul Freeman 29, Colm Leonard 21, Padraic Roche 11, Kevin Moran 5, Shane Melia 3, Kevin Lenahan 2
Marian Scores: Barry Glover 29, D. Harrision 17, and Mark Hargadon 13

Ballina Colts 52
Star of the Sea Belfast 57

In the final game Ballina came up against a very tall and strong team who had defeated both Killester and Marian. The winners of this game would win the tournament. Ballina started the better of the two teams with quick baskets from Colm Leonard and Paul Freeman to 7-2. M. Fulton replied with great outside shoots, but Kevin Moran scored a lay up at the end of the quarter to leave the score 15-12.

At the start of the second quarter B Mc Cotter hit two three pointers in a row to give Star an 18-15 lead. But once again Colm Leonard with eight points in the quarter kept Ballina close 26-28 at half time. In the third quarter Ballina defence was very solid and Kevin Lenahan kept Stars super league player Colm Burns scoreless with stout defence. At the other end of the court Shane Melia and Padraic Roche got great outside shoots. A three-point play by Paul Freeman kept Ballina within one point at the end of the third quarter.
Fulton made another three pointer for Star at the start of the quarter, but Ballina leveled the scores 49-49 with two minutes to go. Padraic Roche added other three pointer to leave the scores 52-53. In the final Ballina missed two chances to win the game but P. Bulter got scores two to seal the victory for Star in an excellent game of basketball.

Ballina Colts: Colm Leonard 22,Paul Freeman 19, Padraic Roche 7,Shane Melia 2, Kevin Lenahan 2,Kevin Moran, Martin Wynne, Brain O'Malley, Gary O Mahoney, Stephens Hughes, Simon Walsh, Darra Timlin, Dereck Tansey, Colin Kennedy.

Star Scores: P. Bulter 21, M. Fulton 15, and B. McCotter 14.


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