French polishing & Marquetry


Are ideal hobbies and will bring you a lifetime of lasting pleasure and the satisfaction that only working with wood can give. The "WINDOW" method taught by THOMAS SMALL, ROBINSON BROS, MILLTOWN master craftsmen renowned for their 17th & 18th Century handcrafted furniture and clocks will enable you to take you r first steps in these fascinating crafts


May 30th June 3rd

September 12th 16th




In Ireland the ancient craft of building with stone stretches back thousands of years to some of the magnificent dry built tombs and ritual sites of our ancestors. Stone as a material is closely linked to the history of any civilisation that was relatively sophisticated and stable. As part of our valuable heritage people are now realising the beauty and durability of stone. The courses at Ballyhugh cover building new walls in the traditional way using the appropriate methods and materials


May 23rd 27th

June 13th 17th

September 19th 23rd


Fee 350 inclusive accommodation, tuition & materials


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Traditional Music & Dance