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The Celestia addons below are of spacecraft from popular TV Series and Movies. The models were gathered from various internet sources and converted to the Celestia compatible 3DS format by myself, Brendan Lambe, using mainly Anim8or and Lithunwrap V1.3.

To install the addons just extract them to your main Celestia folder.

Important Note: The Dependents column shows which addons must also be installed for this addon to work.

Babylon 5
To view these addons go to Star Eps Eri in Celestia and browse the Solar System.
Addon Size (KB) Objects Included Dependents Previews
B5-1 2,404 Epsilon Eridani 3 (planet)
Babylon 5 Station
Maintenance Bot
Thunderbolt Starfury
B5-2 1,019 ISA Whitestar B5-1 View
B5-3 555 ISA Bluestar B5-1 View
B5-4 1,223 Nova Class Dreadnought B5-1 View
B5-5 2,645 Narn GQuan Cruiser
Narn Frazi Fighter
B5-1 View
B5-6 635 Jumpgate
EA Shuttle
B5-1 View
B5-7 1,148 Zhadum (planet)
Zhadum Nebula
Shadow Battlecrab
Shadow Scout
Shadow Fighter
None View
B5-8 1,019 Jump Point
ISA Excalibur
B5-1 View
B5-9 1,200 Kleopatra (asteroid)
Thirdspace Capital Ship
Thirdspace Fighter
None View
B5-10 524 Minbari Tinashi Frigate B5-1 View
B5-11 2,787 Minbari Sharlin Warcruiser B5-1 View
B5-12 2,034 Minbari Torotha Assault Frigate B5-1 View
B5-13 153 Centauri Scarab Class Transport B5-1 View
B5-14 320 EA Atmospheric Shuttle 1 B5-1 View
B5-15 320 Drakh Cruiser B5-7 View
B5-16 561 Drakh Fighter B5-15 View
B5-17 576 EA Monsoon Class Assault Gunboat B5-1 View
B5-18 478 EA Skylark Class Transport 7 Tango 7 B5-1 View
B5-19 1,312 Centauri Primus Class Battle Cruiser
Fitted with Mass Driver Weapon and
Loaded Asteroid ready to Fire
B5-1 View
B5-20 1,027 First Ones - Triad B5-1 View
B5-21 1 ISA Whitestar - *** Size Correction! *** B5-2
B5-22 407 Vree Xill Saucer Ship B5-1 View
B5-23 697 Vorlon Planet Killer B5-1 View
B5-24 860 Vorlon Dreadnought B5-1 View
B5-25 901 Maintenance Fury B5-1 View
B5-26 33 Info_1 Click the View icon for details >> N/A View
B5-27 633 IPX Icarus B5-1 View
B5-28 161 Cargo Pod B5-1 View
B5-29 520 Vree Xorr Saucer ship B5-1 View
B5-30 498 Vorlon (Kosh) Transport B5-1 View
B5-31 386 Brakiri Avioki Cruiser B5-1 View
B5-32 424 Drakh Shuttle B5-7 View
B5-33 153 Raider Fighter B5-1 View
B5-34 2,882 EAS Tempest B5-1 View
B5-35 240 Soul Hunter Scout B5-1 View
B5-36 3,847 Advanced Whitestar B5-1 View
B5-37 22 Info_2 Click the View icon for details >> N/A View
B5-38 1,486 PSI Corp Mothership B5-1 View
B5-39 1,038 EA Ardent B5-1 View
B5-40 2,563 EA Explorer 'Cortez' B5-1 View
B5-41 2,327 Aurora Starfury Standard
Aurora Starfury Sheridan1
>>>Orbiting EA Explorer 'Cortez'
B5-40 View
B5-42 1,064 EA Breaching Pod B5-1 View
B5-43 1,574 EA Cotton Tender B5-1 View
B5-44 966 Aurora Starfury Cornholio
>>>Orbiting EA Cotton Tender
B5-45 3,976 EA Fuel Tanker B5-1 View
B5-46 966 Aurora Starfury Seawitch
>>>Orbiting EA Fuel Tanker
B5-47 510 Ganymede (Moon - Orbits Eps Eri 3)
Ganymede Base
B5-1 View
B5-48 2,964 Minbari Troligan Assault Cruiser
(Orbits Ganymede)
B5-47 View
B5-49 1,719 Minbari Morshin Carrier B5-47 View
B5-50 1,070 Minbari Nial Fighter
Minbari Flyer
B5-51 338 First Ones TorvalusDK
First Ones Triad Info Update
B5-1 View
B5-52 1,337 Asimov Luxury Liner B5-47 View
B5-53 953 Aurora Starfury Black Cat B5-52
B5-54 736 Centauri Space Station None View
B5-55 1,337 Centauri Balvarian Carrier B5-54 View
B5-56 576 Centauri Rutharian Strike Fighter B5-55 View
B5-57 1,330 Centauri Kutai Gunship B5-55 View
B5-58 1,285 Centauri Transport B5-55 View
B5-59 604 Brakiri Tashkat Attack Cruiser B5-1 View
B5-60 2,833 EA Omega Class Destroyer Agamemnon B5-1 View
B5-61 955 Aurora Starfury Free Mars B5-60
B5-62 733 Raider Carrier B5-1 View
B5-63 2,168 EA Sagittarius Guided Missile Cruiser B5-1 View
B5-64 961 Aurora Starfury Frog B5-63
B5-65 66 Technomage Ship B5-1 View
B5-66 992 Dilgar Heavy Cruiser B5-1 View
B5-67 1,020 Aurora Starfury Black Omega
>>> Orbiting Psi Corp Mothership
B5-38 View
B5-68 559 Narn Outpost None View
B5-69 1,130 EAS Equador B5-1 View
B5-70 966 Aurora Starfury Ivanova B5-69
B5-71 281 Narn Jumpgate None View
B5-72 128 Narn Transport None View
B5-73 1,364 Ipsha Battle Sphere B5-1 View
B5-74 545 Narn Toreth Corvette B5-68 View
B5-75 241 Lumati Transport B5-1 View
B5-76 189 Narn Thentus Frigate B5-68 View
B5-77 1,123 Narn Defense Platform B5-1 View
B5-78 1,527 Narn Gorith Interceptor B5-77 View
B5-79 967 Drakh Advanced B5-7 View
B5-80 1,201 Narn Sho'kar Light Scout Cruiser B5-68 View
B5-81 1,187 Centauri Covran Scout B5-54 View
B5-82 1,159 Centauri Covran Gunboat B5-47
B5-83 3,406 Uranus (planet)
Omega-X Class Destroyer
None View
B5-84 8,050 Earth Force One B5-83 View
B5-85 1,104 Aurora Starfury Presidential Escort B5-84
B5-86 3,886 EA Hyperion Cruiser BREHENY B5-1 View
B5-87 1,090 Aurora Starfury Red UFO B5-86
B5-88 2,073 EA Warlock Class Destroyer DAMOCLES B5-1 View
B5-89 961 Aurora Starfury Sleepy Time Gal B5-88
B5-90 3,099 Narn T'loth Assault Cruiser B5-77 View
B5-91 2,184 First Ones Sigma Walkers B5-1 View
B5-92 4,646 Centauri Vorchan Cruiser B5-54 View
B5-93 699 Centauri Sentri Fighter B5-92 View
B5-94 1,073 EA Olympus Class Corvette B5-1 View
B5-95 958 Aurora Starfury Garibaldi B5-94
B5-96 3,883 Drazi Shipyard None View
B5-97 435 Drazi Sky Serpent B5-96 View
B5-98 1,667 Drazi Sunhawk B5-96 View
B5-99 2,179 Drazi Firebird B5-96 View
B5-100 1,483 EA Lifepod B5-47 View
B5-101 1,245 Centauri Atmospheric Shuttle B5-54 View
B5-102 488 EA Shadow Hybrid B5-83 View
B5-103 1,684 First Ones Kirishiac Lordship B5-1 View
B5-104 875 Vorlon Ambassador Kosh B5-1 View
B5-105 999 First Ones Holographic Head B5-1 View
B5-106 581 First Ones Thoughtforce B5-1 View
B5-107 1,656 EA Polaris Class Dreadnought TRITON B5-1 View
B5-108 956 Aurora Starfury Mitchell B5-107
B5-109 4,829 Drazi Stormfalcon B5-96 View
B5-110 1,124 Vorlon Freighter B5-1 View
B5-111 983 Minbari Sharlin Warcruiser 1 B5-47 View
B5-112 892 Vorlon Fighter B5-1 View
B5-113 5,437 Narn Bin'Tak Dreadnought B5-68 View
B5-114 1,081 Narn Th'Nor Cruiser B5-68 View
B5-115 10,090 Narn Military Base None View
B5-116 3,880 Shadow Carrier
Shadow Guard
Shadow Chaser
Shadow Seeker
Shadow Advanced Fighter
B5-7 View
B5-117 2,386 Narn Military Base
****Central Section Only****
B5-115 View
B5-118 27 Info_3 Click the View icon for details >> N/A View
B5-119 1,017 Shadow Helix
Shadow Looter
B5-120 3,935 Vorlon Advanced Dreadnought B5-1 View
B5-121 6,606 EA Narcissus B5-1 View
B5-122 960 Aurora Starfury Death Head B5-121
B5-123 3,670 EA Scout Skydancer B5-1 View
B5-124 1,699 EA Cargo Transport B5-45 View
B5-125 4,848 Babylon 6 Station B5-1 View
B5-126 953 Aurora Starfury Delta_7 B5-125 View
B5-127 3,931 Drazi Strikehawk Carrier B5-96 View
B5-128 1,052 Aurora Starfury Red Barron B5-125 View
B5-129 571 Earth Defense Grid B5-1 View
B5-130 1,022 EA Freighter B5-1 View
B5-131 1,804 Vorlon Destroyer B5-1 View
B5-132 1,215 Vorlon Heavy Fighter B5-131 View
B5-133 1,337 Vorlon Corvette B5-1 View
B5-134 912 Vorlon Light Fighter B5-133 View
B5-135 4,274 Minbari Shargoti Warcruiser B5-47 View
B5-136 1,443 EA Aeolus Class Towship B5-1 View
Narn Varnic
Brakiri Riva Fighter
Babylon 4 Station
Badger Starfury
EA Ring Type Space Station
Centauri Covran Imperial Escort
Centauri Covran Interceptor
Centauri Covran Sceptre
EA Vantage Hyperion Cruiser
EA Omega Destroyer APOLLO
EA Shadow Hyperion
EA Shadow Polaris Class Dreadnought
Gallery Fighter
Kaspari Battlesphere
EA Pegasus Class Frigate
EA Proteus Class Frigate
Aurora Starfury Delta_7
Aurora Starfury Keffer
Aurora Starfury Sheridan 2
Aurora Starfury Sinclair 1
Aurora Starfury Sinclair 2
Aurora Starfury Earth Angel
Atmospheric Transport
Shadow Alien
2001 Space Odyssey
To view these addons go to Star Sol in Celestia and browse the Solar System.
Addon Size (KB) Objects Included Dependents Previews
2001-1 444 Orion III Spaceplane (Orbits Earth) None View
2001-2 311 Station V (Orbits Earth) None View
To view these addons go to Star Sol in Celestia and browse the Solar System.
Addon Size (KB) Objects Included Dependents Previews
Aircraft-1 685 Northrop F5E Tiger II (Orbits Earth) None View

Nadab Göksu Bluestar 3DSMax Model
Narn Frazi Fighter 3DSMax Model
Narn GQuan Cruiser Lightwave Model
Zhadum Texture
Zhadum Nebula Lightwave Model
Shadow Scout 3DSMax Model
Shadow Fighter 3DSMax Model
Shadow Battlecrab 3DSMax Model
Thirdspace Fighter Lightwave Model
Thirdspace Capital Ship Lightwave Model
Drakh Cruiser 3DSMax Model
Drakh Fighter 3DSMax Model
First Ones - Triad Lightwave Model
First Ones - Sigma Walkers Lightwave Model
First Ones - Torvalus DK Lightwave Model
First Ones - Kirishiac Lordship Lightwave Model
First Ones - Holographic Head Lightwave Model
First Ones - Thoughtforce Lightwave Model
Raider Fighter 3DSMAx Model
Advanced Whitestar Lightwave Model
EA Breaching Pod Lightwave Model
Narn Defense Platform Lightwave Model
Narn T'loth Assault Cruiser Lightwave Model
Centauri Sentri Fighter Lightwave Model
Narn Bin'Tak Lightwave Model
Narn Th'Nor Lightwave Model
Narn Military Base Lightwave Model
William Johansson and Nadab Göksu Brakiri Avioki Cruiser 3DSMax Model
Luke Morgan and Nadab Göksu Drakh Shuttle 3DSMax Model
Matthew Tarling and Jeff Richard Epsilon Eridani 3 Textures
Matthew Tarling and Fabio Passaro Drazi Shipyard Lightwave Model
Marco J Cavet Centauri Space Station
Matthew Tarling Babylon 5 Station Lightwave Model
Vorlon Transport Lightwave Model
Dilgar Heavy Cruiser Lightwave Model
Conor Clancy Earth Alliance Mitchell Hyundyne Starfury SA-26A Thunderbolt 3DSMax Model
Jumpgate 3DSMax Model
EA Atmospheric Shuttle 1 3DSMax Model
Narn Transport 3DSMax Model
Kier Darby Whitestar Lightwave Model
Alan "Hawk" Hart Centauri Transport Lightwave Model
Ipsha Battle Sphere Lightwave Model
Drakh Advanced Lightwave Model
EA Olympus Corvette Lightwave Model
Robin Morrison Nova Class Dreadnought 3DSMax Model
Craig A. Clarke Maintenance Bot Lightwave Model
Narn Outpost Lightwave Model
EA Hyperion Cruiser BREHENY Lightwave Model
Centauri Vorchan Cruiser Lightwave Model
Babylon 6 Station Lightwave Model
Alexander Shareef EA Shuttle Lightwave Model
B.J. West Orion III Spaceplane 3DSMAx Model
Fabio Passaro Minbari Tinashi Frigate 3DS Model
Minbari Torotha Assault Friigate Lightwave Model
EA Monsoon Class Gunboat Lightwave Model
Centauri Primus Battle Cruiser Lightwave Model
Vorlon Planet Killer Lightwave Model
Vorlon Dreadnought Lightwave Model
Maintenance Fury Lightwave Model
EAS Tempest Lightwave Model
Aurora Starfurys Standard Lightwave Model
Minbari Troligan Assault Cruiser Lightwave Model
Minbari Morshin Lightwave Model
Centauri Balvarian Carrier Lightwave Model
Centauri Rutharian Strike Fighter Lightwave Model
Centauri Kutai Gunship Lightwave Model
Brakiri Tashkat Lightwave Model
Narn Tor'eth Corvette Lightwave Model
Centauri Covran Variant Lightwave Models
Narn Gorith Interceptor Lightwave Model
Drazi Sky Serpent Lightwave Model
EAS TRITON Lightwave Model
Thomas Banner and Brandon Bray Minbari Sharlin Warcruiser Lightwave Model
Brandon Bray Centauri Scarab Class Transport Lightwave Model
Asimov Luxury Liner Lightwave Model
EA Sagittarius Missile Cruiser Lightwave Model
Max Blagg Minbari Troligan And Morshin Textures
Michael Stetson EA Omega Class Destroyer AGAMEMNON Lightwave Model
Mesh Factory Northrop F5E Tiger II 3DS Model
Michael Powell And B.J. West 2001 Station V 3DSMax Model
Scott W. Kingston Skylark CLass Transport 7 Tango 7 Lightwave Model
Thomas Banner Excalibur 3DSMax Model
Chris Guinn Vree Xill Saucer Ship Lightwave Model
Aurora Starfury Variant Art
The Babylon 5 Tech-Manual Main source for Babylon 5 ship information
Alex Proffitt IPX Icarus Lightwave Model
Todd Pederzani Soul Hunter Lightwave Model
Mateen Greenway Cargo Pod 3ds Model
Mark Kane Vree Xorr Lightwave Model
Ganymede Base Lightwave Model
Minbari Nial Fighter Lightwave Model
Minbari Flyer Lightwave Model
Minbari Sharlin Warcruiser 1 Lightwave Model
Dave Hribar EA Ardent Lightwave Model
EA Cotton Tender Lightwave Model
EA Fuel Tanker Lightwave Model
EA Cargo Transport Lightwave Model
Raider Carrier Lightwave Model
Pascal Barbier EA Explorer Lightwave Model
Marc-Laurent Magnier PSI Corp Mothership Lightwave Model
Chris Sapiano Technomage Ship 3DSMax Model
Aeolus Class Towship 3DSMax Model
Omar Chaudry EAS Equador Lightwave Model
EA Warlock Destroyer DAMOCLES Lightwave Model
Andrey Kurin
Andrey Kurin
Andrey Kurin
Lumati Transport Lightwave Model
Narn Thentus Frigate Lightwave Model
EA Lifepod Lightwave Model
Centauri Atmospheric Shuttle Lightwave Model
Drazi Stornfalcon Lightwave Model
Vorlon Freighter Lightwave Model
Vorlon Fighter Lightwave Model
Shadow Carrier Lightwave Model
Shadow Guard Lightwave Model
Shadow Looter Lightwave Model
Shadow Helix Lightwave Model
Shadow Chaser Lightwave Model
Shadow Seeker Lightwave Model
Shadow Advanced Fighter Lightwave Model
Vorlon Advanced Dreadnought Lightwave Model
Vorlon Heavy Fighter Lightwave Model
Vorlon Destroyer Lightwave Model
Vorlon Light Fighter Lightwave Model
Vorlon Corvette Lightwave Model
Drazi Strikehawk Carrier Lightwave Model
Minbari Shargoti Warcruiser Lightwave Model
Terry Hagerty Narn Jumpgate Lightwave Model
Greg Dees Narn Sho'kar Lightwave Model
Santeri Pusa Omega-X Destroyer Lightwave Model
Chudnov Y. Nickolas/Thomas Banner Earth Defence Grid Lightwave Model
James Reding EA Shadow Hybrid Lightwave Model
Leo Bores (aka Elowan) EA Scout Skydancer Lightwave Model
John Hoffman Vorlon Encounter Suit Lightwave Model
Brendan Lambe Aurora Starfury Red Barron Wingart based on a solid model by Neil Prentice
Rhys Salcombe Earth Force 1 Lightwave Model
Drazi Sunhawk Lightwave Model
Drazi Firebird Lightwave Model
EA Narcissus Lightwave Model
EA Freighter Lightwave Model

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