Sgt John "Chubby" Griffin

This page is published in recognition of his many years of loyal service.


A few words.........
             Chubby has served in the 2 Cavalry Squadron for 42 years.....1961 to 2003

John began his recruit training with the 2nd Maximus Legion /Cohort of Foot/ Boiling Oil Section in Gaul.   He achieved the rank of Centurion (acting rank) before joining the 2nd Motor Squadron  
Among his many claims to fame, be they fact or fiction, disregarding the destruction of a Volkswagen Beetle in the Congo by means of an 84mm anti tank round. He  just as effectively destroyed Tpr Joe Duffy's Ford Escort on the Dundalk road by means of a camouflaged rock.  Chubby will always be remembered by the older 2 Cav vets as the great strangler , smoker of ancient pipes and reader of pulp fiction in the form of cowboy books.  His ten gallon mug is a throw back to his  Boiling Oil Section days and should go down in history as a unit heirloom to be ceremoniously paraded to the military archive building.  Troopers soon learned to get to the burko ahead of chubby and his great draining device. His bed space was a mini library/kitchen.  He could be heard puffing and giggling while engrossed in his latest read, till the wee hours.  Weapons of mass destruction are all the vogue but alas Chubby was ahead of them......we slept in our respirators back in the 80's as chubby produced an impenetrable smoke screen generated by his Indian Peace Pipe and the steam sauna produced by his combat flask.  By way of revenge, We decided to strike back ,by nailing the offending mug/bucket to his side locker while tearing the last page from his book and removing the bulb from his reading lamp.  His Combat Teddy has placed in a pot of boiling water.  A ransom note was dispatched but to no avail .....he killed the messenger and just strangled everybody he suspected, till one of us cracked. A7 was a billet in the Glen in those days.      Morale was high.
On a serious note John has given forty two years to the Army and the 2Cavalry Squadron in particular.  We owe him a debt of gratitude for the experience and knowledge he has passed on.  He can go on recce to civvy  street with a great deal of pride in a job well done and the respect of everyone in the 2Cavalry Squadron.
Mission Accomplished John
Chubby has served on eleven overseas missions dating from 1961 to 1987.

A Coy 36Inf Bn  Congo  1961
A/Car Gp 40 Inf Bn Cyprus 1964
1st Inf Coy Gp Sinai 1971
22nd Inf Gp Cyprus 1972
48  Inf Bn Unifil 1980
52 Inf Bn Unifil 1982
54 Inf Bn Unifil 1983
58 Inf Bn Unifil 1985
60 Inf Bn Unifil  1986
62 Inf Bn Unifil 1987
64 Inf Bn  Unifil 1988

A Presentation to John will take place
 in the NCO's Mess Cathal Brugha Bks  Sept 2003         Contact 00353 1 8046383

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