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- Walk Grades -

We use the following 4 grades to describe how easy or difficult a walk will be : -

A’ Strenuous walk (sometimes with scrambling over steep exposed rocks) on open moorland at a fast pace and on very steep gradients for up to 10 hours.
B’ Tough walk (sometimes with some scrambling over steep ground) on open moorland at a good pace and on steep gradients for up to 6 hours.
C’ Moderate walk usually on open moorland over less steep ground at a moderate pace and on gentle gradients for up to 4 hours (A and B walkers on C walks are expected to slow down to C pace).
D’ Easy walk, mainly on relatively flat roads / paths (forests and cliff tops), at an easy pace for up to 2 hours

Within each grade, we may often add a + or an easy description. So for example a B+ walk would be a really tough walk but perhaps not hard enough to warrant making it an A. An Easy B might be described as a tough C walk and perhaps one that good C walkers could tackle. The pace and difficulty of a walk will often depend on who is leading it.

A typical BHC walk might have the following description...

SHEEP’S HEAD WAY to lighthouse (C: 16 km, 400 m, 5.5 h). Kilcrohane village 1130 (Grace & Deirdre)

From this you would pick out the following : -
a) It's a C walk.
b) It's 16 kms long which when it is mostly off-road is a fair bit. It could be described as a long C walk.
c) The total ascent is 400 metres which is about right for a C walk. If it had been say 600 to 700 metres then it would be a B walk.
d) The lenght of the walk is 5.5 hours long which is normally a bit longer than the usual 4 hours for a C walk.
e) The walk leaders are Grace and Deirdre who will probably walk at a modest pace with plenty of stops.

It's important that new members should start off with C walks and get a feel for the different grades of walk. In time as they get used to the grades, their fitness levels improve and they get to know the various walk leaders, they can try a B grade walk.

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- Meeting Points -

The usual meeting point for walks is the Melbourn Business Park car park on the Model Farm Road. This small business park is just to the west of the only Texaco garage along this road.

Please do not obstruct the entrance to Pinewood Studios furniture store as they open on Saturdays and some Sundays.
Usual Winter Meeting Times = 8.00am for A walks, 8.30am for B walks, and 9.00am for C and D walks. Check the weekly e-mail to members for the correct time.

- Secondary Meeting Points -

Depending on where the walk leader is coming from, they may not always be present at the Melbourn Business Park on the day of the walk. Quiet often, members may meet at secondary meeting points which are closer to the walk location.

Click on the links below for a map showing their location...
(Note...the links below should open up in a new window. If the map does not appear properly on the page, try hitting the 'refresh' or 'reload' button on your browser)

Firgrove Hotel
Midleton just off Roundabout opposite Lakeview Service Station
Kings Yard
Glengarra Wood Lower
Glengarra Wood Youth Hostel
Cladagh Bridge-Galtees
Marian Shrine Baylough
Grubb Monument
Nire Valley Car Park

Jarveys Rest Darcy's
Glenfesk Petrol Station
Kate Kearney's Cottage

Marlogue Inn
Monkstown Car Park
Garryduff Sports Centre

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- Car Pooling -

To cut down on travel expenses, members often car-pool from the main meeting point in Melbourn Business park or from some of secondary meeting points close to Cork city. The normal practice is €5 per passenger for short journeys (up to 50 miles) and €10 for medium journeys (50 miles +).

Only FULL CARS should go to the start area of the walks so as not to upset the local landowners & others too much.

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- Club Meetings -
BHC members meet informally every Thursday evening in the The Model Farm Bar (formerly McCarthy-Tennis Village) after 9.30pm. If you require further information on membership, wish to join, have questions about any walk, or wish to pay deposits, etc, please call in.

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- Club Rules -

1. All walkers on BHC walks must be current BHC members.
2. All walkers must register with the Walk Leader before each walk. “NO M.C.I. CARD, NO GO”.
3. All new walkers, lapsed members, and non-regular walkers, must do at least 3 C walks before attempting a B walk, likewise at least 3 B walks before attempting an B+ walk, likewise at least 3 B+ walks before attempting an A walk, and must be recommended by at least two Walk Leaders before attempting a B or an A walk.
4. All walkers must be over 18 years of age for all A, B & C walks, must wear suitable hillwalking gear, including boots, for all A, B and C walks and must make their own personal judgement as to their capacity to undertake the category (Grade) of walk. Be sensible/realistic re your own capabilities.
5. For everybody’s safety and security those starting out together must stay together during the walk. Group walkers are expected to walk as a group, i.e. the people at the front must at all times keep an eye on those behind them and wait for them at appropriate places. Group walks as organised are non-competitive and all participants are to finish the walk together. If you are on a walk of a lower grade than your usual then you must slow down to the slower pace of that lower grade.
6. If you go ahead of the Walk Leader & group, then you are no longer considered to be part of the group and you are responsible for your own actions and for those who follow you.
7. If you are on medications or suffering from any physical, mental, or other condition / state that might affect you or the group on the walk, then you must inform the Walk Leader of it before the walk starts.
8. All mobile phones, except those of the Leaders and Assistant Leaders,  must be switched off.
9. Dogs not allowed on any walk.
10. The walk as advertised may be cancelled or changed at the discretion of the Walk Leader.
11. Please take home your litter (including orange peel and banana skins).
12. Please observe The Country Code and The I.F.A. Farmland Code of Conduct.
13. You are requested not to smoke in the presence of fellow BHC members at all times.
14. Any member who does not adhere to the above, and other BHC rules, may have their membership withdrawn.

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