Carlow & Leinster Senior Football Champions


The Blues have had many memorable victories over the years which included their first Carlow Championship in 1927 to the most recent in 2000.

Here’s a run down of all their final victories to date:

O’Hanrahans 0-05
Leighlinbridge 1-01

At half time the Blues were a point behind with a couple of players already sent off but managed to hold Leighlinbridge scoreless in the second half to record their first ever win as Carlow Senior Football Champions.

The winning team was:
M.Nolan, W.Quigley(capt), P.Kavanagh, T.Moran,
M.Lennon, T.Shaw, J.Moore, W.Moran,
M.Lynch, T.Snoddy, P.Haughney, E.Haughney,
J.Costelloe, J.Hogan.
Subs- M.Harvey, T.McGrath, T.Roche

O’Hanrahans 0-06
Leighlinbridge 0-04

Once again the final was a very close contest with O’Hanrahans retaining their title with a narrow victory of two pints with no goals scored.

The winning team was:
William Moran, Thomas Moran, John Nolan, Thomas Mulhall,
John Moore, Edward Haughney, Patrick Haughney, Matthew Lynam,
John Snoddy, John Hogan, Edward Wall, Michael Harvey,
William Quigley, John Murray, Harry O’ Mahoney, John Roche,
Murt Lennon, Jack Clarke and Thomas Mulhall.

O’ Hanrahans 2-01
Leighlinbridge 1-03

The Blues went on to record their third Senior title starting the decade off in style. After drawing the first game four pints apiece they beat the All Blacks by a pint at Bagnelstown.

The winning team was:
W. Moran (capt), J.Moore, T.Shaw, E. Haughney,
T.Walker, T.Mulhall, J.Nolan, J.Murray,
M.Walsh, J.Geoghegan, M.Murray, T.Moran,
E. Whitaker, M.Lynam, J.Geoghegan.

O’Hanrahans 1-06
Bagenalstown 1-03

Two in a row for the Blues but only after a replay after the first game drew 0-6 to 1-3. Ironically the game was played at Leighlinbridge, the home ground of the team that O’Hanrahans had beat in 3 previous finals within 4 years.

1932 Three In a Row
O’Hanrahans 0-04
Leighlinbridge 1-00

After beating Kilbride in the semi-final this was another low scoring game and Leighlinbridge must have felt this was their year. Fortunately for the Blues this was not the case and they went on to create club history and record their third Carlow Football Championship in a row.

The winning team was:
J.Moore (captain), T. Moran, T. Walker, T. Mulhall,
J. Murray, J. Geoghegan, E. Whitaker, E. Haughney,
J.Geoghegan, M. Murray, J. olan, P. Lacey,
M. Lennon, W. Quigley, M. Walsh

O’ Hanrahans 1-07
Young Emmets 0-03

After a break from the final of 5 years the Blues were back in form and easily overcame their opponents in this all town final.

The winning team was:
J.Mulhall, D.Murray, D.Coughlan, P. O’Brien,
J. Whelan, J.Quinlan, J.Brennan, M. Byrne,
D.Connell, P. Comerford, M.Behan, J. Rea,
J. McKenna, J. Geoghegan, J. Doyle.

Blues win on points (on league basis)

The 1942 championship was played on a league basis with only 3 teams taking part – O’Hanrahans, Tinryland and the Fighting Cocks. The Blues easily beat both teams taking a seventh county title in the process.

O’ Hanrahans 1-10
Ballymurphy 2-05

The Blues eight title with a two point win over Ballymurphy while on the same day taking the minor title, a great double for the club.

The winning team was:
C. Maguire, S. Corcoran, J. Doogue, J. Cahill,
T. Bohanna, E. Begley, J. Quinlan, J. Kinsella,
M. Murray. W. McDonald, M. Byrne, J. Bermingham,
J. Moore, J. Brennan, J. Rea
Subs: C. Walsh, M. Rossitter

O’Hanrahans 3-05
Leighlinbridge 2-01

A record attendance of 4,020 crammed into McGrath Park, Bagnalstown, to witness the replay of the 1951 final, paying gate receipts of £3283. It was a hard, physical game with the referee Mick Jones, sending four people to the line.

The winning team was:
J. Quinlan, B. McDermott, E. Begley, M. Doogue,
L.Rice, D. Hyland, E. Doogue, L. Quigley,
P. Carpenter, J. Rea, J. Moore, E. Shevlin,
J. Brennan, J. Lambert.

O’Hanrahans 2-06
Tinryland 1-03

The Blues won their 10th title in 1954 when 2,820 paid £180 to see the finalo in Dr. Cullen Park. Paddy Carpenter played a real captain’s role in leading the Blues to victory over Tinryland.

The winning line out:
J.J. Moore, L. Rice, M. Doogue, J. Cullen,
M. Phelan, P. Condron, W. Byrne, D. Hyland,
E. Doogue, P. Carpenter, L. Quigley, J. Rea,
J. Moore, E. Long, M. McDarby

O’Hanrahans 2-05
Clonmore 0-06

Having lost to Clonmore in the 1955 and 1956 finals, the Blues made it 3rd time lucky in 1958, in front of a crowd of 3354 people who paid £225 to see the match.

The winning team :
J. Geoghegan, J. Quigley, E. Long, B. Duggan,
L. Darcy, P. Somers, L. Lacey, P. Carpenter,
H. Long (Cpt), D. Lyttleton, E. doogue, M. McDarby,
P. Walker, M. Vaughan, E. Walker.
Subs: M. Whelan, P. Healy.

O’Hanrahans 3-13
Eire Og 2-05

The O’Hanrahans won their 12th county title when defeating their new Carlow town rivals in a game which saw brother playing against brother.

The winning team:
P. Healy, P. Somers, E. Cleary, E. Fitzpatrick,
P. Walsh, B. Duggan, P. Flood, P. O’Connell,
E. Long, M. McDarby, P. Walker, N. O’Gorman,
J. Brown, N. Doogue, G. Hogan.
Sub. M. Vaughan

O’Hanrahans 2-12
Eire Og 2-10

Finally after 38 years in the wilderness, the Blues captured their 13th county title in what can only be described as an epic match against the then Leinster football champions in front of a huge crowd. It was an emotional day for all people associated with the Blues as it had been a long time coming!

The winning team:
J. Brennan, D. Walker, A. Corden, B English,
B. Hannon, N. English, K. Kavanagh, P. Nolan,
K. Walker, G. Walker, P Kavanagh, M. Carpenter,
D. Bermingham, A. Kavanagh, B. Walker.
Subs: N. Murphy, W. Kinsella, A. Smith, S. Farrell,
J Hannon, PJ Gaire, B. Quigley, W. Doyle,
K. Hayden, A. Bowe.


O’Hanrahans 2-08
Eire Og 0-11

The Blues defeated Eire Og (sounds so nice!!) to retain their county title in another high quality final between these two town rivals.

O’Hanrahan’s 1-11
Palatine 0-7

As expected, reigning Leinster club champions O’Hanrahan’s were too good for Palatine in the Carlow SFC final at Dr Cullen Park.

The town team led by 1-3 to 0-5 at the break but upped the tempo after the resumption and with Alan Bowe, Andrew Corden, Ken Walker, Pa Kavanagh and Mark Carpenter in outstanding form they captured the club’s 15th county title.

O’Hanrahan’s - J Brennan; B English, A Corden, V English; K Kavanagh, K Walker, W Kinsella; P Nolan, A Bowe; G Walker (0-2), P Kavanagh (0-6), J Lennon; B Walker (1-0), A Kavanagh (0-1), M Carpenter (0-1). Subs - D Bermingham (0-1) for Lennon, S Farrell for B Walker.