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Genesis Software Solutions (G.S.S.) is a group of experienced AS/400 consultants which have provided a real and comprehensive solution for the control of change on the IBM AS/400. The change control management system is called CONTROL 400 and is the product of years of knowledge gained by our consultants in industry.

CONTROL 400 is a real solution to a highly underestimated problem which exists on the majority of AS/400 sites. G.S.S.’s aim is to encourage the professional approach to change control which in turn will benefit the industry by creating more quality software. Remember as the Y2K approaches it is critical that CONTROL 400 is part of your solution... If you require control but do not want to pay large sums of money then take a look at CONTROL 400 from G.S.S.

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At 800 IRP this is an exceptional offer

If you have any of the above problems then consider using CONTROL 400.


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