Leann in California, USA at 9:50:15 Tuesday December 31 96
Happy New Year! May you see the goodness of God like never before. I am looking forward to checking out your website. Ireland is part of my heritage and I love learning. Thanks for all your work.

Dana Lange in your US friend at 1:21:25 Thursday December 26 96
Hi, Garvan...Just checking out the page. Have a Merry Christmas.

Raymond Gilford in Austin, Texas USA at 7:15:16 Wednesday December 25 96
Nice site...well laid-out. I have been looking up information on the Afro-Celt Sound System, which I absolutely adore. I have already gotten two people hooked on it and given it as a Christmas gift to a third. Keep up the good work!

Ronan Browne in Ireland at 20:55:36 Tuesday December 24 96
My nane is also Ronan Browne. I am eight years old and I live in Galway City on the west coast of Ireland. Happy Christmas.

Daire Browne in Cyberia Cafe in Temple Bar at 19:24:38 Monday December 23 96
Howrya Garvan, Sitting in Cyberia Cafe with Marina on a cold Monday evening while you're sitting in Peter's Pub having a Guinness! Just Browsed all your pages and they're excellent. I want one? All the best and hope you had a happy Christmas. Daire.

Mo!!!! at 14:11:58 Monday December 23 96

Mo at 14:8:46 Monday December 23 96

Mo again! at 14:3:27 Monday December 23 96

Mo in Dublin! Where else!? at 13:59:44 Monday December 23 96
Hi Garv, I,m still at : Villette, Corrig Avenue, Dun Laoire, Co. Dublin, IRELAND. Buzz me at (+353-88-) 669 358 All the best, MO

Darryn Petersen in Wiscasset Me at 23:3:59 Sunday December 22 96
Hello there uilleann pipers

Russell Simpson in Augusta, Western Australia at 0:34:40 Sunday December 22 96
I spent many childhood summers swimming opposite the Wrens Nest, in fact I had my first Guinness there. It's a beautiful place.

Yvonne Wilkinson-Cox in Western Australia at 12:26:49 Saturday December 21 96
I love your page.Did you get my email?

cindy e in N.Y. at 13:45:57 Friday December 20 96
Will be vacationing in 1998 and I am trying to obtain info on what to do,see and etc. Thanks for your site. CINDER I would love to find someone with the same interest and maybe meet and go together and have some darn good pub fun.

Erik W. Van Lare in Rochester, N.Y. at 3:47:3 Saturday December 14 96
Just stop in to say hello, hope to get back to Ireland soon.

William McGlynn in Austin, Texas at 22:12:41 Friday December 13 96

Rebecca Wetjen in Iowa at 21:32:44 Thursday December 12 96

Ryan Glowacki in Bushnell, Illinois at 15:9:11 Tuesday December 10 96
Just doing some reasearch on Urban Development and how it affects the community around it.

Anita Barber in Florida, USA at 19:26:29 Sunday December 8 96

Declan Murphy in Berlin at 17:1:43 Sunday December 8 96
Excellent presentation. Hope that more will take your lead.

Sylvia Jones in Florida at 15:23:12 Sunday December 8 96

Mark Heatherton at 5:11:0 Saturday December 7 96

Oleefeller in North California at 20:3:21 Thursday December 5 96
I raise organic strawberries in Mendocino County, California. While searching the net I passed through your site. site.

Esa Pietilä in Finland at 21:30:27 Tuesday December 3 96
Greetings from the finnish jazz cats ! We have a new association handling our top-musicians business, gigs, etc. This could serve as a temporary address for us. I´m a tenor player myself.

wayne in Cross City, Florida. USA. on the gulf of mexico. at 4:18:45 Tuesday December 3 96
My first trip to Irish shores. Interesting. will bookmark for further exploration.My mother said her family was Irish, I know nothing about them.Thats Life! glad you were here.

Leslie Donaghy in Glasgow at 21:10:14 Monday December 2 96
Ask Ronan about the big Scotsman he had to "look after" after the ANUNA gig in Manchester! Best regards to Ronan

Anon at 11:18:4 Saturday November 30 96

henrietta mikkola in finland,grankulla,hagelstamska högstadiet at 6:22:2 Thursday November 28 96
this is very well done!!!

birgitta in at a library in sweden at 19:25:43 Wednesday November 27 96
i think your page is very neatly put together, i like your design, interested in maybe travelling to ireland i came here in the first place - then i couldn´t afford it and never went. Next time (today) i visited your page to my amazement i found ireland moved to wales. interesting!

Bliss Hanson in Canada at 14:57:29 Tuesday November 26 96

Alexandria Ballard in Hayward, CA USA at 1:56:24 Tuesday November 26 96
Looking for a new place to visit, this looks promising!

Barbara O'Loughlin in Boulder, CO USA at 23:55:38 Monday November 25 96
Hi- I am visiting Ireland in January. Thanks for the interesting info.

dave maning in clovis california,usa at 6:27:27 Sunday November 24 96

Monica Mac Connoran in Houston at 20:5:37 Saturday November 23 96
The Virtual Strawberry Beds is charming. Thank you for a delightful treat.

Nadia Tremblay in Québec, Canada at 17:20:21 Saturday November 23 96
Bonjour à vous!

Steve Nelson in Vermont, USA at 16:55:10 Monday November 18 96
Just spent some delightful time with brother Ronan in Vermont. I am trying to track him dowm via Internet to remind him to mail me a tape.

Gary T. Olson in Rockport,Texas-USA at 14:33:50 Monday November 18 96
looking for things on a group called river dancer out of Dublin ,

Ian Groat in Edinburgh at 18:2:21 Sunday November 17 96
dropped by for a virtual pint cos hugh was over. Enjoyed visit E Mail me and come visit REAL Edinburgh best wishes, Ian

Sue in Runcorn at 10:2:38 Sunday November 17 96
Hi, nice page We were in Dublin last year, wish I had seen your page first! Never mind, next Easter we are off to explore your Strawberry Beds, looks beautiful.

Euan Caldwell in Dublin at 12:5:23 Friday November 15 96
Thanks Garvan!

Luke at 15:7:7 Thursday November 14 96
No link to Andy M. Stewart!!!

Darragh Owens in Dublin at 12:36:2 Thursday November 14 96
Hi Garvan, great pages. We've created a link to your page from ours at http://www.dkm.ie/events/dublin/live Trust this is alright with you. Darragh

bill & connie markis in Anchorage, Alaska at 7:55:34 Saturday November 9 96
good stuff. we're considering our first trip to Ireland next year and looking into interesting places and history. Thanks for the info.

James O'Grady in Black Mountain, NC USA at 0:56:31 Friday November 8 96
Visiting Ireland December. Thank you for Wonderful page. Will Good Luck.

Mike Hamburger in Sunnyvale, CA. at 22:21:51 Thursday November 7 96
Definitely added to the list of places to see. Thank you

nick&debi in az. at 8:12:33 Thursday November 7 96
hi it's us. just visiting nice site.

garrett browne in Dalkey at 1:53:1 Thursday November 7 96
Hello Garvan !

don white in hannibal,mo usa at 4:12:6 Monday November 4 96

Ray O'Rtega in Los Angeles, Ca., USA at 19:46:28 Saturday November 2 96
Hope to get some info on IRISH JAZZ. Is it much different than American Jazz?

Erse in Burlington, Vermont at 21:39:52 Tuesday October 29 96
just a nother part of the Irish Diaspora

Lauren Collins at 18:51:43 Tuesday October 29 96

maura daly in hillsdale, new jersey at 14:29:46 Tuesday October 29 96
im doing this for school someone once told me a ihad a strawberry laugh

Dogtanian in Nottingham uk at 10:55:30 Monday October 28 96

L. Forbes in Dublin at 16:53:2 Saturday October 26 96
Hi there..Have a home page in http://geocities.com and was searching for the perfect link to describe where I live in Dublin. Your page is it. Congrats. on doing such a great piece of work. My home page is part of a huge American site and so your link will be given the maximum exposure it deserves.

Nadine Dubost in USA at 22:50:27 Thursday October 24 96

Cheryl Lo in Sydney, Australia at 9:27:10 Wednesday October 23 96
Was just wandering around on the net, and I stumbled into this wonderful page. Glad I came and I'm sure i'll be back. I also went on to explore Pat Murphy's page, great place to visit. see you all next time 'round.

tara and brian in in the pork capitol of the USA! at 21:58:7 Tuesday October 22 96
hi, we are supposed to be doing work but we are playing in the PLC. Just checking out your updated pages!!

John Deery in Australia at 12:7:14 Tuesday October 22 96
Hello, I remember you from the classes in Thomas Street. What an inpressive resume you have. I am now playing full time in Australia. Perhaps we will cross paths.Drop me a line sometime. Regards John.

Lois Sullivan in Bear,Delaware,USA at 20:5:48 Sunday October 20 96

Mary Yonkers in Troy, New York USA at 5:2:11 Sunday October 20 96
I want to visit Ireland for a week. I can go in December, Christmas week, or in February, Presidents week. Which is best. Also where can I listen to jazz in Dublin?

Ed Shinners at 14:34:47 Saturday October 19 96
Greetings from Murray, Kentucky in the midsouth of the US (Directly south of Chicago on the Kentucky Tennessee border. Use your page frequently but have never signed the guest book. Love to wander around the land from where all my grandparent once live. Keep up the great web sites! Ed

Anon at 7:16:55 Saturday October 19 96

Anon at 7:16:50 Saturday October 19 96

rain in Whidbey Island at 7:16:43 Saturday October 19 96
????? Just saying hello

Jenna Langford in Huston,Texas at 4:32:14 Friday October 18 96
Your a big fat dork who is very ugly. Your page really sucks. I don't know how they allow such shit on the internet. I mean really!! Please get a life. It would be better for you and everyone else who is dumb enough to come to your stuiped page.

Linda Foster in South Bend, IN, USA at 16:55:39 Wednesday October 16 96
Visited Ireland in October of 1995. Planning to return June of 1997. Say hello to any and all UCD students where my daughter Becky is an art student.

Gina Romero in dallas at 1:41:2 Wednesday October 16 96
just stopped by for quick class assignment

Gina Romero in Dallas at 1:39:12 Wednesday October 16 96

Desi Wilkinson in Limerick at 16:35:19 Tuesday October 15 96
Hello Garvin, Desi Wilkinson here - one of your illustrious brothers' most illustrious co-conspirators. Just saying hello. SLAN

Jane McDonald Garner in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia at 12:46:47 Tuesday October 15 96
Hi Ronan, I found your page when I was searching for tour information for Capercaillie. I will be travelling to Scotland from Australia some time around March next year and want to catch my favorite band if possible. Any ideas ? Thanks for your page! Jane

evans dowdy in richmond, va at 0:8:25 Tuesday October 15 96

Mena Doyle White in Melbourne, Australia at 5:45:43 Monday October 14 96
This is so cool !! I'm originally from Ballyfermot and have just come back to Australia after spending last year there. I spent a lot of the summer hanging around Chapelizod, Palmerstown and The Strawberry Beds. My mother's family are all from around that area and I got some beautiful photos of the area to include in my Family History Archives File. I was sooo.. homesick when I got back here to Melbourne - especially as it was dark, horrible winter here !! My big "escape" has been to the "Dublin Live" picture and your page !!! (Pathetic really!!) I've recommended it to my brother in New York too !! Slan Leat!

Blind Monk in Houston, Texas at 21:26:19 Sunday October 13 96
Still trying to figure what's here. Went to Ireland for first time in September. Met cousins. The families always stayed in touch. Dublin and Donegal Town have the cousins. Tipperary too but didn't make it there. Loved it all especially Gelendalough . Not too good with the spelling! We'll be back!

Blind Monk in Houston, Texas at 21:21:34 Sunday October 13 96

James Rogers in Lawn, Newfoundland, Canada at 1:15:35 Sunday October 13 96
I've been to Ireland but once (1993) but I love Ireland and all things Irish, especially Guinness, Luke Kelly, Ronnie drew, and Paddy Reilly.

Dave Moore in Canada at 4:52:25 Saturday October 12 96
Wonderful piece of work!

Jong Pil Park in korea at 17:35:50 Friday October 11 96
I love jazz!!!

Billy Rogers in Las Cruces at 23:2:7 Thursday October 10 96
I'm an ex-trumpet player who just loves jazz

Vic Sasso in Dallas, Texas at 14:6:55 Thursday October 10 96
My mother came from Dublin in 1952. She is now home for the first time since then.

ray moore in dublin at 19:38:25 Sunday October 6 96
I like the page as i live about three quarters of a mile from the area. I have included a link to it in my home page which is accessed by my family in 4 countries.

Kieran Kelly at 16:33:39 Sunday October 6 96
found you ! - great system this internet ! - EVEN I could not get lost. Regards K.

Mary Lee Reed in Texas/USA at 3:31:45 Sunday October 6 96

kim kyoung hun at 3:1:33 Sunday October 6 96

johnny in room 309,emerson at 18:54:29 Saturday October 5 96
it's the luck 'o the irish!

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