Currently I have only Galway Bus Eireann done in XHTML so you can see the pages with your browser and with your XHTML MP enabled mobile phone. I did this because I don't carry the little bus timetable booklet around with me but my phone is always with me so bookmark http://homepage.eircom.net/~bustimes/galwaylist.html on your mobile phone. Nokia 7250i instructions click here

If anyone wants to send me bus schedules for cities and or any route email bustimes@eircom.net . Ireland only. Try send in Xhtml Mp compatible format otherwise I'll have to convert it.

Designed For mobile XHTML MP

Bus Eireann's City Schedules
Every City in Ireland. These are all in PDF format.

Instructions for bookmarking Nokia 7250i
Method 1
Menu -> 14 Services -> Bookmarks -> Options ->New Bookmark enter in http://homepage.eircom.net/~bustimes/galwaylist.html
Name it and connect to it.

Method 2
Most mobile companies offer free sms on their website. So go online and sms yourself the url : http://homepage.eircom.net/~bustimes/galwaylist.html
view your message, click on "Options", select "Use Details", select "Web address", it will show you the webaddress you've chosen, select "Options" and now you can either save it as a bookmark or go to it straight away. NB for some reason tilde or "~" doesn't get sent or is not picked up correctly by the phone. So if it doesn't work please check the URL that the tilde is present.

Have Fun