It has been called the greatest story ever told and for

Easter  2000 the people of Camross came together to tell it.

"The Passion"

Made famous worldwide by the people of Oberammergau in Germany.

The passion play takes us through the last week in the life of Jesus Christ

and has taken place every 10 years since the dark ages in Oberammergau.

This year the people of Camross decided to perform the play as a

good way to mark the new millennium.

Over 100 local people were involved in this production and the 12 apostles have finally been left bach into there respective homes after ridding themselve of there excess facial hair.

The Cast

Producer: -----------Harry Ringwood

Musical Director:----Fr Willie Howel

Jesus Christ::---------Pat Calahan Mary:----------------Billie O'Donnell

Mary Magdalin:------Breda Nolan Herod:---------------Michael Stafford

Caiphus:-------------Sean Hayden Annes:--------------Jim Roberts

Peter: Denis Kavanagh, John: Ml Doyle, James the Elder: Mogue Curtis,

James the less: John Breen, Jude: Dave Roche, Bartholomew: Micksey Bolger,

Thomas: Eddie Colfer, Judas Iscariot: Eamonn Byrne, Matthew: Matt Banville,

Andrew: Michael Casey, Philip: Ml Kent, Thaddeus: Seamus Murphy.

Mary Magdalene: Breda Nolan. Martha: May Buttimer, Simon: Sean Hayes.

Roman Soldiers: Patrick English, Tom Foley, Martin Dunne, John Murphy,

Patrick Murray, Ned Stafford. John Roche.

Stall Holders: Maureen Roche, Ann-Marie Banville, Carol Clarke, Beggar:

May Buttimer.

Women: Anne Power, Kathleen Murphy, Mairead Bennett, Catherine Seery,

Mary Neville, Joan McNamara.

Girls in Herod's Court: Jeanette Sidney, Ann-Marie Banville

Thieves: Eoin Doyle, Lloyd Colfer

Blind girl: Sinead O'Gorman - her aunt: Maria Colfer

Part funding for this project was received from the Millennium commission following an

application by Maria Colfer

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