Our Emails to Portugal

1. Playing Chess

My name is David. I took Eddie to chess. I am very ashamed that he beat me. In one picture there is a photo of me playing chess with Eddie. Johnny, our chess teacher is in another photo.

Eddie said he wanted to come to the next compettion which might be on in Limerick or Dublin, but I said he might get lost. He agreed with me and said he might go somewhere safer instead.



2. Football Match

Hello ,

My name is Emmet. I am 11 years of age. During the week I brought Eddy to a gaelic football match.

The team I was playing for was Doora Barefield. My team won the match and Eddy was very

happy. After the match Eddy had a go at playing in goals. He did very well. Eddy also had a root around in my gearbag. He found my spare football shorts, my jersey and my shoes. After

the day Eddy was very tired so we went home and Eddy had a big sleep.

Bye for now.

3. Holidays in Cork

Hello to everybody in Portugal.

I am Noel.I brought Eddie to County Cork which is the biggest County in Ireland.

When we got to Cork, I went swimming in the pool but Eddie could not come because he would

get all wet.That night we watched telly.The next morning we went to Cork City.We went to a lot

of sports shops.We also went to a movie but it was not very good.Then we went back to the hotel.

That evening we went for a walk around the hotel.In the morning we left the hotel and went to the

beach.We went for a long walk along the sand.Then we left the beach and went home.

Eddie had a great time in Cork.

But we feel Eddie is a bit homesick. Hopefully we will be able to solve his problem!

Bye from

Noel and Eddie.


4. Holidays in Portugal

I went to Portugal last week and I brought Eddie with me because he was homesick.

First we went to Alvor which was a small town near where we were staying....

I was full of little streets with old shops and a hill leading down to the fisherman's pier.

Next we went to Portimao which is full of shops and old buildings.

Eddie wanted to see the boats and we took a picture there of him.

thene after a few days we had to go home,but Eddie was delighted to have spent

a few days back in Portugal again!See photos on our school website.


5. Eddie Biscuiting in Corofin

On Tuesday Eddie and I went to a lake called Monana. My Dad brought his speedboat. My brother and I brought a thing

called a biscuit. A biscuit is a rubber blow up tube with a canvas cover and you tie it on to the back of the speedboat,

sit into it and the boat drags you around the lake. When we got the biscuit into the water Eddie really wanted to go on it

so to be sure he didn't get wet we brought the biscuit ashore and put him into it. Eddie was delighted. When my brother and I went on the biscuit we went over big waves and we fell off. Eddie was laughing at us. After that we packed up and went home.

Eddie had dinner with us and then we watched t.v. and then we went to bed.

See photos on our school website.

Bye from Eddie and Emmet.

6. Holidays in Kildare


When I took Eddie, we went home to prepare for my holidays in Kildare, near Dublin. When we got there we watched t.v.and went to bed. Next day we went to Kilkenny Castle in Kilkenny City, where we saw birds and squirrels. When we went inside we saw pictures and a movie about the past. The next day we went to Lullymore Heritage Centre in County Laois,which has Crazy Golf. Eddie won every game. For the rest of the holiday I visited relatives and Eddie and I learned to drive a jeep. At the end Eddie and I had good fun.

P.S. We are sending Eddie back today. And we are getting our holidays on the 27th of June.

Visit our Webpage


Good bye from your friend Michael.

7. At home with Stephen

Hi my name is Stephen.

I brought Eddie home on Monday. First we did our homework and ate our dinner.

Then we watched some T.V. We played some indoor soccer because it was raining. Then I had to go

hurling training with a club called Boreen. I came and watched a movie and went to bed.

Best wishes Stephen

8. At home with Danielle

Hi my name is Danielle Marie Curtis.Today I brought home Eddie the teddy from Portugal. We had alot of fun together. We started with some photographs of each other, so we have something to look backon. I introduced him to my rabbits an dmy dog Bailey. My dog wanted to eat him , not a good idea.Then I took him Rollarblading. He enjoyed that. He met all my friends and some of my family they thought he was cute.My Mum cooked and set a place for Eddie at the table but he was'nt really hungy. I think Eddie enjoyed his stay with me, and he slept all night.

Next week you'll be able to see the photos of Eddie on our school website.


Yours sincerely

Danielle xxxxxx

10. At home with Michael

Hello my name is Michael Mather. I am a boy.When I took Eddy home the first thing I did was my homework with Eddy sitting in front of me. After that I had my dinner.Eddy did not want any because he liked his fur the way it is so he had a sleep.When I got Eddy after my dinner we had a game of pool.The game was over in no time at all. Eddy beat me.After that I took some photos of Eddy.Then we played basketball,speed hockey and fooz-ball.Eddy won them all.Then Eddy and I wached some T.V. After that we went to bed.

Bye for now.

Your friend,


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