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The Unit

The Athy Unit of Kildare Civil Defence was set up in May 1996 and has been growing since it's inauguration. The Unit First Officer is Noel O'Mara, and the unit leaders are Martin Kenny, James Byrne, Bertie Kiernan and Sylvia Tyrrell. The unit has about fifteen members at present.

The unit owes a big thanks to Kildare Civil Defence's CDO Comnt Larry Coughlan who is always there to give support and assistance.

Rescue and First Aid Unit

Members of the above unit have represented Kildare Civil Defence at numerous competitions over the last few years. This has been done under the guidance of Nicky Broughen and Paddy Maher.

They have also gained experience in heights rescue.


Boat Search and Recovery

The Unit have a search and recovery boat for use throughout Kildare. They have also helped at many big occasions over the last few years namely The Tour De France in Dublin, and The Tall Ships Race. The full crew are Martin Kenny, Bertie Kiernan, Sylvia Tyrrell, Jimmy Byrne and Pamela Huland Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm). Left to right

Bertie Kiernan
James Byrne
Darren Farrell
Noel O'Meara

Meeting Point

The unit train every Monday night in Athy Fire Station and usually the have an hour of foot drill and an hour of skills training. Our Foot Drill instructor is Richard Reade A big thank you to Athy Fire Station Officer Tim Dunne for the use of the facility and for his continued support.


 Officers within the unit

First Officer

Noel O'Mara


James Byrne
Martin Kenny
Bertie Kiernan

Assistant Leader / Treasurer

Sylvia Tyrrell

If you would like to contact us

Please e-mail us at ATHY UNIT Civil Defence

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