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Hartnett Genealogy

Origins of Hartnett Surname

Other forms of this old west Munster name are Harknett and Harnedy. Its early anglicized form O'Hartnedy, which occured often in the sixteenth century Fiants, is closer to the Irish Ó hAirtnéada: Hartnetty is sometimes found in Co. Cork today. Families of these names are mainly located in counties Cork, Kerry and Limerick, Harnet is more usual in Co. Limerick and Hartnett in Co. Cork, both are found in Co. Kerry, where the 1901 census recorded 55 families of Hartnetts. In each of those counties before the transfer of ownership of land from landlords to tenants there were four large proprietors called Harnett. Harney is a different name (Ó hAthairne) alias Haherney, which belongs originally to south Roscommon, but is today also found in counties Tipperary and Waterford.

Townland of Dromtrasna Hartnett, Abeyfeale, Co. Limerick

Taken from Griffiths Valuation - Immediate Lessor (unless otherwise specified): Colonel FITZGIBBON

1Aa Maurice HARTNETT - H,O,L(83, incl 1Ab)
1Ab David HARTNETT (from Maurice HARTNETT) - H,O,L
1B Maurice HARTNETT - L(5, incl 1B below)
1B David HARTNETT (from Maurice HARTNETT) - L
1Ac Philip ERAGHT (from Maurice HARTNETT) - H,O
1Ad John CONNORS (from Maurice HARTNETT) - H,G2a
John HARTNETT Jun - O,L(88)
2b Mary HARTNETT John (from John HARTNETT Jun) - H,G
3a John HARTNETT - H,O,L(103)4a John HARTNETT - H,O,L(141)
4b Vacant (from John HARTNETT) - H5a Bridget SULLIVAN - H,O,L(37)
5b Maurice HARTNETT Jun. (from Bridget SULLIVAN) - H,G
5c Catherine SULLIVAN (from Bridget SULLIVAN) - H,G
6Aa William HARTNETT (Kate) - H,O,L(39)6B William HARTNETT (Kate) - L
6Ab Denis HARTNETT (from William HARTNETT (Kate)) - H
7a Patrick SULLIVAN (Kate) - H,O,L(33)
8a Patrick HARTNETT (John) - H,O,L(39)
8b Timothy CASEY (from Patrick HARTNETT (John)) - H
9a Maurice MOORE - H,O,L(32)10a Jeremiah SULLIVAN - H,O,L(30)
11(a) Patrick HARTNETT - H,O,L(12, incl 11(b) below)
11(b) Timothy HARTNETT - H,O,L
12a James FITZGERALD (Patrick) - H,O,L(47)
13a James FITZGERALD (James) - H,O,L(52, incl 13b)
13b Edward FITZGERALD - H,O,L14a John CURTIN - H,O,L(91)
14b Michael WALSH (from John CURTIN) - H,O,L
15A, 15B John CURTIN - L(14,6)
15Ba Vacant (from John CURTIN) - H,O