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Commission a comprehensive family history search designed to exhaust all relevant sources and identify all existing genealogical records relating to your Irish ancestors. Reports include copies of located records, maps and explanatory information

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Order the standard initial research block which covers 1-2 generations. Submit details of your Irish ancestors and we will trawl trough the sources available and extract as much information as is available.

1901 Census
The earliest complete census available in Ireland. Various details of each individual in each household are recorded including name, age, sex, relationship to head of household, literacy, religion, occupation, marital status, origin, disabilities. Details of the quality of home are also recorded.

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1911 Census
Very similar to the 1901 Census in format, this census also recorded how long couples had been married, how mant children they had and how many children had survived. Again information on the quality of the home is recorded.

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Birth, Marriage & Death Records
All births, marriages and deaths have been registered in Ireland since 1864
(non-Catholic marriages since 1845).

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RIC Service Records
Between 1822 and 1922 over 85,000 men served in the Royal Irish Constabulary and these service records provide the most complete accounts of each individuals police career. Details such as height, religion, origin and former occupations are recorded in addition to where they served, promotions, awards, fines, injuries, date & reason for discharge/retirement and pensions details. Date(s) of marriage are also recorded and wife's native county.

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Griffiths Primary Valuation
The Tenement Act of 1842 provided for a uniform valuation of all property in Ireland, to be based on the productive capacity of land and the potential rent of buildings. The Valuation lists every landholder and every householder in Ireland. Apart from townland address and householder's name, the particulars given are: name of the person from whom the property was leased (immediate lessor); description of the property; acreage; valuation.

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