The Centre for Irish Earthen

Through the aims and activities listed within the site, the Centre hopes to create a core of practitioners and devotees sufficient to conserve the past and underpin a future. Pivotal to this will be the Irish Earth Building Association. At present, we conceive that the primary functions of the IEBA should be to provide earth builders with a professional profile and a forum within which members can exchange information.

Even with these general aims, there is obviously a considerable overlap with the activities of the Centre itself. In such a small field, there will inevitably be further cross pollination in the surveying of Irish earth structures, the confirmation and analysis of the construction techniques involved, and the provision of tried and tested information as to their conservation and repair.
The Irish Earth Building Association
Some of the association aims include (i) to revive the rural craft skills of earth building, as a consequence of knowledge gained from both current research and local training; (ii) to ensure the conservation of existing earthen architecture; (iii) to promote earth as a contemporary building material; to provide a centre for advice and training.

Although the Centre hopes to play a major role in the inauguration of the IEBA, and will be happy to offer it an administrative umbrella, it ultimately sees the Association as an independent body, to be mandated and organised by the members themselves.

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