The Centre for Irish Earthen

About about the Centre

The centre was founded in response to the number of enquiries sent to the Plymouth centre of earthen architecture, regarding information, training and the techniques of cob, rammed earth, adobe and wattle and daub. Along with the development and implementation of training courses for both the individual and academic institutions. We wish to establish a monitoring system to deliver competence in earthen architecture to the wider audience:-

1. To revive the rural craft skills of earth building, as a consequence of knowledge gained from both current research and local tradition;
2. To ensure the conservation of existing earthen architecture;
3. To promote earth as a contemporary building material;
4. to provide a “centre” for advice and training.

The Centre for Irish Earthen Architecture
35, Westcourt, Ballincollig, Co.Cork
Tel: 021 4877685, Fax: 021 4877685
Webmaster: gary wells-Lakeland