Most of these jokes are based around the fact that bodhrán players are noted for: -

Playing too fast, as if they were in a race

Not knowing when to play (or when to stop!)

Interrupting too much

Playing too loudly

Being stupid

being unpopular

Sadly, I have encountered all of the above traits in our own sessions, although I plead not guilty ":^)

A guy walks into a bar in Dublin with a large package under his arm. The barman says "What have you got there?" The guy says " 6 pounds of semtex". The barman says "Thanks be to God, I thought it was a bodhrán"

A guy walks into a junk shop and sees a stuffed rat. He asks "How much?" but the guy says its not for sale. He bids up to £50, which the shopkeeper can't refuse. So he walks down the street holding his stuffed rat. Suddenly he realises he's being followed by lots of live rats. He wonders what to do, leads them to a cliff, and they all jump over to their deaths. He then goes back to the junk shop and says "I suppose you don't have a stuffed bodhran player, instead?"

Q. Why do bodhrán players stand around outside a room? A. Because they never know when to come in.

Q. How can you tell when a bodhrán player is knocking on your door? A. The knocking gets faster and louder.

Q. What do bodhrán players use for a contraceptive? A. Their personality.

Q. What do you call a bodhrán player with a pager? A. An optimist.

A bodhrán player goes off to play in a session, and leaves his drum on the back seat of his unlocked car. When he gets back to the car, he finds three bodhráns lying on the back seat.

A bodhrán is an instrument which is best played with an open pen-knife.

Q. What's the difference between a bodhrán and a trampoline? A. You take your shoes off when you jump on a trampoline.

Q. What's the difference between a dead rabbit and a dead bodhrán player lying squashed at the side of the road? A. the rabbit might have been on his way to a session.

All sources are gratefully acknowledged.

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