Delta MD11 mishap at Dublin Airport

Sunday 3rd February 2002

The MD11 exited to the left of runway 28 several hundred yards before coming to a stop having landed in heavy crosswinds.

Nobody was injured and no apparent damage to aircraft.

What a truly magnificent aircraft this is to behold.

The AAIU report can be downloaded from here


{Delta MD11_2

{Delta MD11_3}

Mud, Glorious Mud


With main runway 28 closed the two shorter runways were in use. This is a shot of an Aer Lingus Boeing 737 departing off runway 29. This runway is only 1356m long and the aircraft is already in the air long before the halfway point!!!

{Landing on 16}

There were some spectacular high speed landings on Runway 16 when the wind was 240 @ 24kts gusting to 50 at times. This Air2000 Jet, like others, had a rocky time of it. The pictures don't really convey the awesome skill of these aircrews.

All photos © Pat Cleary 2002

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