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Dublin's Nelson Pillar, located right in the middle of O'Connell Street, was blown up in 1966. The explosion occurred at nightime and appeared to have been quite a professional job. The stump which remained was later blown up by the Army. If memory serves me correctly the Army's handiwork, which local Dubs claim did more damage to surrounding property than the original explosion, was broadcast "live" near midnight on Radio Eireann (now RTE - Radio Telifis Eireann).

Photo 1. The Pillar before and after

Photo 2. A View from the Pill(ar)

More Nostalgia

Dublin's College Street in 1962 at Midday!!!!!!

1960's Dublin. The River Liffey and O'Connell Bridge with Liberty Hall in the background

Shamrock Rover's great team of the 60's won all before them including 6 FAI Cups on the trot.

In later years some of the players formed an over 40's team to play in 7-a-Side tournaments.

Some of the greats pictured at Broadford Rovers', Ballinteer, Annual 7-a-side competition.

Photo 1. The victorious Rovers team

Photo 2. Frank O'Neill still dashing down the wing 30 years later

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