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1. Clogga Junior Hurling 1946
2. Minor Hurling
3. Walsh Brothers of Clogga
4. All Ireland Medal Winners
5. Clogga Cricket Team


The golden hour of sport in Clogga occured in the year 1946. It was the junior hurling team (St. Kieran's Clogga) who did us proud after only being affiliated the year before. That year they won the southern junior hurling championship. But sadly this memorable team were beaten in the final by Graigue. The score afterwards was Graige 8-5 St. Kieran's Clogga 3-0. The glory of 1946 was turned to failure in 1947 as Clogga were defeated in the opening round. In 1948 the mighty Clogga men merged with Mooncoin.

The team of 1946 consisted of:
E. Dunphy(Ballintarsney), Ramie Wall(Clogga), Mick Fitzgerald(Barabehy), Dick Dunphy(Tubrid), T. Cody(Clogga), P. Dunphy(Ballyintarsney), Dick Corcoran, Jimmy Brien(Mooncoin), R. Croke(Mooncoin), Davy Phelan(Kilcragin), Paddy Phlean(Kilcragin), Jim Comeford(Clogga), Paddy Walsh(Clogga), John Barron, Dick Walsh(Clogga), E. Kelly(Mooncoin), Jimmy Deady(Carrigeen), Andy Kearns(Tubrid), R Hogan, J. Vereker, W. Culleton.

St. Kieran's Clogga (1946)

Picture of 1946 Southern Final Junior Champions(Clogga)

Here Are Some Reports from the Time:


Febuary 1946. "Clogga Meetings. From St. Kieran's, Clogga - Junior hurling team affiliated in the current years Co. Championship for the first time in many years."

March 1946: "St. Kieran's hurling club Meeting: Officers elected: President-Mr. P. Mulqueen N.T., Chairperson- Mr. P. Walsh, Vice Chairperson- Mr. J. McDonald, Secetary- Mr Michael Comeford, Treasurer- Mr. R Wall, Rep to county board- Mr. J McDonald."
"St. Kieran's have the services of Vereker(Mv), Corcoran(Cuss.), Deadys(Cor), Dunphys(Ballyintarsney) Phelans(Kilcraggan), McGuire(Ardera), Walshs and Wall(Clogga), Hogan(Nicholastown), Dunphy and Kearns(Tubrid), Fitzgerald(Cashel), Dungan and Jones (Cloncunny) and J. O' Brien and Eamon Kelly (captain) and from outside Barron(Dunkitt), and Culleton(Ashtown). St. Kierans are billed to meet Brandon Rovers No.1(Graignamanagh) in the first round at Glenmore on the 28th of April."

March 1947:" St. Kierans hurling club had their A.G.M at club rooms Clogga. Officers elected for 1947 are:
Chairman- Pat Walsh, Vice Chairman- Raymond Wall, Hon. Secetary- Michael Comeford.
Commitee- Messrs Ed. Doyle, W. Walsh, J. Comerford, J. Foran, E. Kelly, J. Vereker, J. O' Brien. Team Captain- E. Kelly, Vice Captain- J. Vereker."

May 1947: "Rural electrification has commenced in the Kilmacow/Mooncoin area."

April 29th 1946: "(Junior Hurling Championship round 1) At Glenmore, St. Kierans (Clogga) easily defeated Brandon Rovers No. 1 of Graignamanagh. Referee: Ed. O'Connor(Graignakill)."

Clogga/Piltown Clash
October: 13th 1946: "(Junior Hurling Championship round 3) At Carrick-on-Suir St. Kierans played Piltown. St. Kieran's 3-3 (1-2), St. Columbas 1-3 (1-0). St. Kierans took their chances very well while St. Columbas were unsettled and erratic. The ground conditions at Davin park didnt help much. Eamon Kelly netted from way out to leave the half-time score at St. Kierans (1-2) St. Columbas (1-0). A Sonny Kelly goal near the end sealed the issue.
ST. KIERANS: Eamon Kelly (captain), D. Dunphy(g), P. & E. Dunphy, Richard Hogan, J. Vereker, J. O' Brien, J. Corcoran, W. Culleton, Richard Walsh, Sonny Kelly, Raymond Wall, M. Fitzgearld, M. Jones, John Barron. Sub: John Deady for Dick Walsh who retired injured at half-time."

October 27th 1946: "(Junior Hurling Championship round 4) At Mullinavat, St. Kierans played Thomastown. Final score St. Kierans 5-4, Thomastown 2-2. Referee: Jack Phlean (CarrickShock)."

November 17th 1946: "(Junior Hurling South Final) At Wat. Gaelic field St. Kierans played Slieverue Rovers. Final score St. Kierans 4-3 (2-2) Slieverue Rovers 3-1 (1-0).
St. Kierans had beaten Brandon Rovers No. 1, Bye in the 2nd round, St. Columbas, Piltown and then Thomastown while Slieverue Rovers had accounted for Nore Rangers and then Carrickshock. The sothern final was fast, close and at times brilliant with St. Kieran's gaining an advantage at the start and were ahead at half-time, St K. 2-2 SR. 1-0. A hard fought second half was very even with both sides scoring 2-1. St. Kierans has had to fight doggedly to stay in front. Full time score. St. Kierans 4-3, Slieverue Rovers 3-1.
ST. KIERANS: E. Kelly (captain), R. Dunphy(g), R. Hogan, Jimmy O' Brien, J. Vereker, J Corcoran, P. & E. Dunphy, P. & R. Walsh, S. Barron, R. Kelly, J. Deady, W. Culleton and M. Fitzgerld."

Febuary 23rd 1947: "(County Junior Hurling Championship Final 1946) At Nolan Park Kilkenny St. Kierans played Graigue. Graigue petitioned for a postponment because of the flu then sweeping the country. St. Kierans thinking the advantage must lay with them refused. However, on a bleak, wintry day at Nowlan park they found not only had they misread the offer, but also on the day, they were no match for Graigue.
ST. KIERANS: E. Kelly (captain), R. Dunphy(g), R. Hogan, P. Walsh, J. Vereker, J Corcoran, P. & E. Dunphy, P. & R. Walsh, S. Barron, R. Kelly, J. Deady, W. Culleton and M. Fitzgerld. P. Walsh (Clogga) stood in for the flue-stricken Jimmy O' Brien."


July 13th 1947: "(Junior Hurling Championship Round 1) St. Kierans (Clogga) played Glenmore at Mullinavat. Final score Glenmore 5-5 (3-1) St. Kierans 1-2 (0-2). This match was postponed from March. St Kieran's, last years finalists , defeated in the opening round caused suprise and bewilderment to many. They failed to get into the game at any stage."

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In the late 1920's Clogga went to through a sports revival in the form of minor hurling. Cloggas minor hurling team were called the "Clogga Rovers". They played in the league and did very well (getting to the Soutern County Final) considering they came from such a small area. The minor grade had only been established the year previously and Clogga represented Mooncoin.

Here are some Reports from the Time:

1927 Minor Hurling

August at Thomastown. Minor hurling league, initial round. Clogga Rovers 4-2, Paulstown 2-1. Paulstown were hot favourites because of their combination and clever play.
Clogga: T. Reddy(captain), J. Comerford (g), W. & J. Kearns, J & T Doody, John and P. Howely, W. & T. O' Shea, "Crab" Walsh, Bill Walsh, W. Quinn, J. Hennebry, N. Butler.

October 14th 1927 at Thomastown minor hurling League round 2. Clogga Rovers v Freshford.
Freshford had failed to show up by starting time - 3.00 p.m.-At 3.15 p.m. the Freshford "minors" arrived (unbelievably large and heavy for 18 years olds). After discussion and not to disappoint the spectators, Clogga agreed to play. Not unexpectedly it was an uneven contest between the Freshford fowards and the Clogga backs. T. Reddy(captain), Bill Dunphy, "Crab" Walsh and John Doody bore the weight of the onslaught - Freshford winning by a big score. Clogga club has objected.

October 28th 1927. Clogga Rovers objection to Freshford deferred. Birth Certificates are to be produced.

December 9th 1927. Clogga Rovers awarded match v Freshford and now meet winnners of Three Castles/Erins Own.


January 1928. Clogga Minor Hurling Club -Card Drive/Members of Clogga band preparing for outing.

Febuary 1928 at Clogga. Minor Hurling Challenge. Clogga defeat the Emeralds(Sallypark) by three goals.

March 1928 at Thomastown. Minor Hurling League Southern Final(1927). Erins Own 6-4, Clogga 1-1.
Erins Own, reputedly the fastest team in the county , had forecast no difficulty in beating Clogga, who had had a hard course of training for the match. Erins Own will now meet the winners of Johnstown/ St. Stephans in the final.
Clogga Rovers: T. Reddy(captain), W. Dunphy, T. Kenny, E. Harney, J. Burns, J. Grace, "Crab" Walsh, J. Comerford, J. & T. Doody, J. Dowely, Bill Walsh, Lar Hawe, J. Maguire, M. Shea, W. Keane, T. & W. Shea, M. Keane, W. Quinn.

Here are extracts from the Munster Express during the time;

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Pictures of Walsh brothers of Clogga(Jim and Pat) & their wives

Mooncoin v Rest of Kilkenny (1920- including Dicksboro & Tullaroan) was the last occasion on which any of the Clogga Walsh brothers played for Mooncoin. They had already won the Triple Championship. Medals issued for 1916, 1917, 1918. Pat retired from active play while Jim and Jack moved to Dublin and played with Faughs Club and Dublin Co. thereafter. Jim "Builder" had played for Kilkenny in the Leinster Senior Hurling Final v Wexford and then the All-Ireland. They lost to Tipperary in 1916. His last apperance for Kilkenny was in the Leinster Final of 1919 when beaten by Dublin. He played in five All-Ireland Finals with Dublin winning three- 192-, 1924, 1927 and losing 1921 and 1930. He played on three winning Leinster Railway Cup Teams and was the only player to participate in three Tailteann Games. He played fifteen years for Faughs. He won seven Leinster senior hurling Medals and captained Dublin in 1930. He won five Dublin Senior hurling championship and captained Faughs in 1925, 1926, 1928, 1932, and won six Dublin Senior Hurling League Medals. He also played hand ball and shinty. He was Chairman of Dublin Co. Board in 1929 and 1930. As a hurler, he was and still remains one of the all-time greats of the game. He died in 1949.

Jack played left-foward in the Leinster Junior Hurling Final of 1915. He played Senior Inter-County thereafter and won the 1916 County Senior Hurling Championship medals with Mooncoin. As stated, he played for Mooncoin v The rest of Kilkenny on 1920. Then he moved to Dublin and Faughs with whom he won three County Senior Hurling Championships and three Senior Hurling Leagues. He played in goal for Leinster H. in the 1924 Tailteann games. He played in 1937 for his Club in the Junior grade. He died unexpectedly in July 1958.

Pat played Senior hurling with Mooncoin between 1915 and 1920, winning the triple medal (1916- 1917-1918). He played on 1919 and again with Mooncoin v rest of Kilkenny in 1920, as a superbe back. -Not too far behind his illustrious brother Jim "Builder".

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In more recent times in Clogga's sporting history, we had two players who played in the Kilkenny's minor team. Firstly there was Richard Walsh (Swithin) who in 1961 received a winning All- Ireland minor hurling medal.
In the 70's another Clogga man, Joe Wall won a minor All-Ireland medal in 1975 and also an All-Ireland under 21 medal in 1977(see below).
Programme of 1977 U21 all-Ireland final where Joe Wall played. Programme of 1977 U21 all-Ireland final where Joe Wall played.

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Not much is know about this aspect of Clogga's sporting history. But we do know that towards the end of the 1800's and up to the 1930s, Clogga had a very prominent cricket team. Many of the men from Clogga and the surrounding areas played on the team. They were well respected within the cricket circles of the Kilkenny area.

Extracts from the Munster Express;

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