Kilconieran & Clostoken

Parish Priest:Fr. Benny Flanagan(091) 841103

The parish originated at Isercleran, namely the hermitage of Cleran, where there is the remains of an old 8th or 9th century church called Kilkisheen (the little Church of the Ford of the Hurdles), situated close to the present St. Cleran's Hotel. In the middle ages there were three ecclesiastical parishes, namely Kilconickny (now Clostoken), Kilconieran and Lickerrig (now Carrabane), all now united in one large parish.

 Kilconieran Clostoken
Patron of ChurchImmaculate ConceptionHoly Family
Saturday evening8.00 p.m. (Summer)7.30 p.m. (Winter)
Sunday11.00 a.m. (Winter)11.00 a.m. (Summer)
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Note that in a rural parish, weekday Masses may be cancelled or changed at short notice.