Not content with making headlines for giant killing on the football pitch, Villa midfielder Billy "Eddie Van Halen" Treacy was making headlines for penning his very own World Cup song. For anyone who missed last Wednesdays Mirror "newspaper" here is what they had to say about Villa's very own Dexy's Midnight Runner!

SING FOR VICTORY(The headline on pages 4 & 5 shouted)

Billy song will help the Boys in Green to beat the Russians. (The sub-headline informed us)

"Here's the song which will ring around Lansdowne Road Road tonight and make the Russians reach for the vodka.
Come on Ireland sung to the strains for the 1980's No.1 Come on Eileen, will be the Green Army's new anthem. It was written by Dublin courier Billy Treacy, 30, who reckons it will be a hit with Irish fans on road to the World Cup finals in Japan and Korea.
And tonight fans can sing along with their very own Irish Mirror song sheet.

Billy said: "I am recording the song now and I'm hoping to have it released by St. Paddy's Day. Hopefully they'll be singing it on the terraces by the World Cup finals."
Billy, who has performed in a number of pubs and other gigs in Ireland and America, said he thinks he's got a hit on his hands.
He added: "I just thought it was a natural anthem. There's an Irish feel to it and I think it would be a great football chant. Its a song by the fans for the fans."

Billy, who also called the song Superfan, plans to use a Superman like logo superimposed on a Tricolour when he produces the single on CD.
He said: "I may even wear a Tricolour wrapped around my shoulders like Superman's cape."
"Any time a match comes around I'm always dressed up stupid. I'm not worried about letting my hair down."
Billy admits the song is a bit silly. But he said having a bit of craic is what Irish soccer fans are all about."
He said: "It's so corny you can make corned beef out of it. It's not a Grammy-winning thing but it's good fun." Billy said he has toyed with the idea for the song for the past eight years.
He explained: "Whenever I thought I had a good line I would add it in. There were lines that were brutal that I took out." But he said the song is a tribute to the Republic of Ireland's legends, including modern-day hero Roy Keane. It also pokes fun at the rivals.

But after attending the last World Cup finals with the Republic squad in the US in 1994 and loads of home matches he said he has a pretty good feel for what the fans on the terraces want.
He said: "In Italy in 1990 the big song was Ole Ole and Put Them Under Pressure but hopefully this will take off."
He will be recording the song at the Temple Bar Music studio with some session musicians and he hopes it will get some radio play. He said he may also take his song to Grafton Street to drum up support so that it will catch on before the Republic's friendly matches against Denmark, the US and Nigeria before the finals.
He said: "What I'd love to do is play at Lansdowne Road during half-time during an Ireland match to test it out.
"If it is anything like the last World Cup, once the song is out there it may catch on." If it does he hopes to use the proceeds form the CD sales to buy himself a ticket to Korea and Japan.
He added: "If it's a massive hit I'll use the money to record my own stuff after the finals."