Two examples of sinking COM events in a Windows console application in the simplest possible way: Download
Using ATL // recommended approach
Without ATL, pure COM API // just as a good lesson

If you are reading this page, most likely it is because your attempts to understand how to sink events yielded nothing what you expected. All these overwhelmingly complex examples of doing lots of mambo-jumbo in MSDN as though conspired to bog down all COM newcomers - scares you away, so you're telling yourself, oh Jee Wiz, I just wanted to handle an event! My advice is whether to start using VC++ 7 where it is much easier to do, or take a look at these two simple VC++ 6 examples refined from confusing code overload. Eventually, if someday you find out you're up to digging in COM a bit deeper you might again return to these two examples.
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Last updated on 22/09/2002 by Vitaly Tomilov.
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