Island History  

Gola island is situated just one mile off the coast of Gweedore. This sunny and deserted haven offers you the chance to unwind and get away from it all. The island is easily walked in a few hours and offers splendid views of the surrounding islands, reefs and mainland. It's many beaches and secluded bays attract large numbers of tourists throughout the year.


Umfin Island




The island was populated up until the mid 1960's. Today the only evidence of past life on the island is the stone ruins of what were once houses. On Gola, many of the houses have been recently renovated as interest has returned to the island and its way of life.


The island terrain is mildly hilly with many bog roads and sheep paths. At present, the only inhabitants on Gola are animals. Sheep and some shy goats tend to reside along the cliffs. To the back of the island, seabirds abound, cormorants, shags, razorbills, guillemots as well as the odd passing gannet and skua. At the southern end of the island near Port na Crin and the old school house, many shore species of bird can be admired such as the eider duck, oystercatcher, diver as well as various terns.


Sailing near Gola

Further from the shore you may catch a glimpse of a grey seal, and from time to time the shy common porpoise. At low tide, rock pools (near the school house beach) are teeming with life. Crabs, shrimps, blennys and other fish life all inhabit these seaweed-filled pools