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Because most homes in ireland is now connected to the internet with either dial up connections or broadband connections. Spyawre is infecting more and more computers.

Because of its stealthy nature, most Internet users are more familiar with the symptoms of spyware infection:

  • sluggish PC performance
  • increased pop-up ads
  • unexplained homepage change
  • mysterious search results.

If you suffer form any of the above sysptoms. You could be in more danger then you think.

Due to this increased internet use the likelyhood of getting infected with Virus,has also increased. On average 4-5 new viruses are created every week. Computer viruses are the "common cold" of modern technology. They can spread swiftly across open networks such as the Internet, causing billions of Euro worth of damage in a short amount of time. Five years ago, the chance you'd receive a virus over a 12 month period was about 1 in 1000, Today, your chances have dropped to about 1 in 10.

Modem hijacks or dialers is a program / applet, that when run on a user's computer, can act in two different ways, as follows:

1. It can change the Dial Up Networking settings to force the user to dial a specified number (usually a premium rate international call) unknown to the user. It erases the user's Internet Service Provider (ISP) number and replaces this number with it's own. This number is then used each time the user connects to the Internet instead of the ISP number.

2. It can force the computer to bypass Dial Up Networking settings altogether and dial to its pre-set number. This means that the Dial Up Networking settings that appear correct are in fact dialling an incorrect number when the user connects to the Internet.

Where do Diallers come from

Diallers come from visiting certain websites. These could be sites that are offering pirated software, adult websites or sites that have questionable content. The owners of these sites have the Dialler software integrated into their webpage code to automatically download and install on to a user's system. The idea behind these programmes is that the people who produce them are able to generate revenue from users who dial into the number installed from the webpage.

You can find some tools on my, links page that will help remove all the above pests and spyware.

 Special Deals and other Cool Things

Here you can find a 30 days trial version of PestPatrol That will show you if your infected with Dialers, spyware, Adware ,Droppers, key loggers, Trojans and much more.

Here you can download a free fully working version of the well known Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition This will remove some of the well known spyware but not all of it.

Check this site out you will some good tools to remove spyware advance users only. merijn is a good site, if it is down check back later.

Application to scan for spyware, adware, hijackers and other malicious software. Spybot Search and Destroy v1.4 is very good software.

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