Nice spots for children and parents around Ballina-Killaloe

Our family moved to Ballina-Killaloe from Raheen in Limerick in April 2001.
Since then we have been exploring around this area, Lough Derg, O'Brien's bridge, Ennis, Nenagh and Limerick etc.
I would like to show the places around here good for kids & parents.

Ballina Playground
Just before Ballina village from Dublin road (N7), there is a playground by the river Shannon. Plenty of car parking space and lovely path along the river to get through Ballina village.

Two mile gate
Across the bridge from Ballina village to Killaloe, turn to the right and drive 2 miles towards Scarriff. There is an open area by the lake (Lough Derg).

Just behind Two mile gate, there is a hill walking path. We have never walked further beyond this view point, but we will sometime...This path is actually "The East Clare Way", so you can walk through Feenlea Mountain (Mountain?!) to get to Killaloe town. There are several hill walking ways, I will update when our kids get older.

Portroe outlook point
Drive R494 through Ballina village toward Nenagh, there is a beautiful view point on left side before Portroe.

There is a playground, but not ordinary one. There is a huge maze. Children love it!
Also a picnic area by the lake.
Drive R463 from Killaloe town towards Scarriff, still keep on going on R352. You will see a small village Mountshannon. There are a few bistro type of restaurants on the main street.