Cd Tracks

Reels An tAiseirí (The Ressurection) The Bucks / Sally Gardens
Jigs Macs Weirs The Nightingale / The First Trout*
Hornpipes Kellehers Kitchen Galway Bay / Garrykennedy Castle
Jigs Two Magpies Banish Misfortune / Bobby Caseys
Air Miltown Dawn A Stór mo Chroí
Reels The Slow Lane Lane to the Glen / The Blockers
Strathspeys Smokey Keyboard The Laird of Drumblair / Drumnagarry
Reels My Left Hand Hanlys Tweed / Paddy Fahys
Air/Jig/Reel The Source Caoinleach Glas an Fhomhar (Air/Jig ) / The Killarney Boys of Pleasure (Reel)
Song Voicebox SLiabh Gallion Braes
Reels O'Dowd on the double to the Doctor O'Dowds / Dr. Gilberts
Air A Mother Came Calling Air to The Fairy Child
Reels The Butcher Brennan

Paddy Lynns Delight / The Ceilier / Fahys

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