'The one classic work to have emerged from the violence that led to the foundation of the state.' - John McGahern

Ernie O'Malley was a medical student in Dublin when the Easter Rising of 1916 broke out. At first he was indifferent. But with the failure of the Rising, the executions and the aftermath, his feelings changed. He joined the Irish Volunteers (later the Irish Republican Army) and organised battalions and companies around Ireland. His abilities and outstanding personal courage led to his appointment as OC of the 2nd Southern Division.

On Another Man's Wound, its title taken from an old Ulster proverb, 'It's easy to sleep on another man's wound', was first published in 1936 and has become the classic account of the years 1916-21. More than any other book of the period, it captures the essence of Ireland at the time, the way people lived, their attitudes, their beliefs, the songs they sang, the legends they knew. O'Malley pictures the Irish landscape magnificently, and his cameo sketches of the great personalities of the Rising and the war that followed bring them into instant focus.

'It will rest on our shelves beside Tone and Mitchel as the expression of a period.' - Sean O Faolain

'A remarkable book that interprets sensitively the surge and sweep

of a time of national resurgence, that relates the struggle of a

nation to the daily lives of its people. * - The Irish Press

'... a stirring and beautiful book´┐Ż  - New York Times

This new edition contains the additions and annotations made by Ernie O'Malley to his original text during the 1950s, which have only recently come to light.