Liam Deasy 1896-1974
Born Kilmacsimon Quay, near Innishannon. Adjutant West Cork Brigade until April 1921, then succeeded Charlie Hurley as Brigade Commandant. Involved in Toureen and Crossbarry ambushes. Adjutant 1st. Southern Division in Civil War, he soon realised the futility of the Republican position. Arrested and sentenced to death in January 1923, his life was spared after he signed a document calling on his Anti-Treaty Executive colleagues to end their fight.
Charlie Hurley 1894-1921
Born, Kilbrittain. Arrested and sentenced to 5 years in prison in 1918 was later released after hunger strike. Appointed Commandant West Cork Brigade after the arrest of Tom Hales. Took part in many actions and was badly wounded during the Upton ambush. While recuperating, he was shot dead as he attempted to escape a raid on the morning of the battle of Crossbarry, March 19, 1921.
Tom Barry 1897-1980
Born in Killorglan, Co. Kerry on July 1st. 1897, the son of an RIC officer. Joined the British Army in 1915 and saw action in Mesopotamia. Appointed Officer Commanding of the Flying Column of the West Cork Brigade in May 1920. Led many successful engagements against the British, including those at Kilmichael and Crossbarry. Involved with the anti-treaty side during the Civil War, he resigned from the IRA in 1938 because he disagreed with the proposed bombing campaign in England. Died on July 2nd. 1980
John 'Flyer' Nyhan 1892-1934
Born Clonakilty. Became Quartermaster of his local batallion and Staff Captain of Cork No. 1 Brigade. Jailed in March 1920, he went on hunger strike for 21 days and was released in June of that year. Played a major role in the Kilmichael ambush, but was captured six weeks later and held until the end of the war. During the Civil War was hit by six bullets when Free State troops tried to capture him, but he managed to escape.
Peter 'Scottie' Monahan - Died 1921
Scottish-born of Irish parents, he deserted from the Cameron regiment of the British army based in Cobh and joined the West Cork Brigade in December 1920. An explosives expert, he was killed by a land mine during the Battle of Crossbarry and is buried at Bandon cemetery.
Jim Hurley
Born Clonakilty. While still in his teens, he replaced the ill Dan Harte as Comandant of the 2nd. Battalion West Cork Brigade in January 1921. Took part in many engagements including those at Rosscarbery and Dunmanway. Wounded during an attempt to destroy a bridge near Clonakilty in March of that year.
Jim O'Sullivan 1894-1920
Born, one of nine children, at Rossmore. Joined the Kilmeen Company IRA and joined the West Cork Flying Column on November 21st. 1920 and exactly one week later was shot dead as a result of the 'false surrender' call during the Kilmichael Ambush. Buried at Castletown Kenneigh graveyard.
Flor Begley 1898-1979
Born Bandon. Joined the Gaelic League in 1914 and joined the Volunteers a year later. Formed the Volunteer Pipe Band in 1917. Arrested in January 1920, he went on hunger strike at Wormwood Scrubs prison and subsequently escaped. He narrowly avoided death during the Upton station ambush in February 1921. A month later he participated in the Crossbarry ambush, after which he became known as 'The Piper of Crossbarry,
Michael McCarthy 1895-1920
Born Dunmanway, he joined the local Volunteers in 1915. Appointed Vice O/C of the West Cork Brigade in 1919. Arrested in March 1920, he went on an 18 day hunger strike at Wormwood Scrubs prison before being released. He joined the West Cork Flying Column in October 1920 and two months later was shot dead during the KIlmichael Ambush. He is buried at Castletown Kenneigh graveyard.
Jim 'Spud' Murphy 1900-1976
Born Clonakilty. Took part in Kilmichael and Crossbarry ambushes and also the attack on Burgatia House and the RIC barracks in Rosscarbery. Had many narrow escapes from capture, being injured on several occasions. After the war was employed by the Customs and Excise in Dundalk, Co. Louth and is buried in Dundalk.
Tom Hales 1892-1966
Born at Ballinadee, near Bandon. He and his brothers, Sean, Bob and William all fought with the IRA in West Cork. Captured by the British Army, he was tortured in an unsuccessful attempt to force him to disclose information. During the Irish Civil War he commanded the Flying Column which attacked the Free State Army convoy at Béal na Blath which resulted in the death of his friend, Michael Collins. In 1933 he was elected to Dáil Éireann as a member of Fianna Fáil.
Ned Young 1892-1989
Born Dunmanway. He and his two brothers were founder members in 1914 of the local branch of the Volunteers. Was forced to go on the run for over a year following the 1916 Rising. Took part in the Kilmichael Ambush. He died in his 97th. year and is buried in Dunmanway.
Pat Deasy 1904-1920
Born Kilmacsimon Quay, near Innishannon. Brother of Liam Deasy. Although forbidden by Tom Barry to participate in the Kilmichael Ambush because of his young age, he nevertheless followed the Flying Column and was one of those killed at Kilmichael on that day. Is buried at Castletown-Kenneigh.
John Phelan - Died 1921
The only son of Liverpool-Irish parents, he came to Ireland to offer his services to the national struggle. Was General Staff Officer of the West Cork Brigade at the time he was shot dead at the Upton Ambush on 11th. February 1921. Buried in the Republican plot at St. Finbarr's cemetery, Cork
Dick Barrett - 1899-1922
Born at Ballineen, West Cork. Appointed quartermaster of the West Cork Brigade in 1920. Following the Crossbarry Ambush he was arrested and imprisoned in Cork jail. He was later sent to Spike Island, from where he escaped by boat during the truce period in 1921. On 8 December 1922, he was executed in Dublin by the Irish Free State as a reprisal for the IRA's killing of TD Sean Hales. He is buried at Ahiohill, Co. Cork.
Third (West Cork) Brigade