Capture of Cloyne RIC Barracks
Cloyne RIC Barracks was situated at the marked location.
It was 11 o'clock when Commandant Leahy, O/C of the Fourth Battalion, gave the signal for the attack to commence. The Volunteers had previously occupied vantage points in the corn store. A small party of senior officers, which included Commandants O'Leary, O'Hurley, Aherne and Manley, pre­tended to be rolling drunk as they approached the barrack entrance, so that they might get close enough to the building without arousing the suspicions of the garrison. The ruse was successful and when they had reached the barrack without being challenged, Commandant Leahy called on the R.I.C. to surrender in the name of the Irish Republic. At the same time, Aherne and others were removing the outside shutters from the windows of the barrack, and Commandant O'Hurley had pushed a revolver through the loophole in the door. The R.I.C. refused to surrender. O'Hurley blazed in through the loophole and, simultaneously, a heavy exchange of fire began between the Volunteers in the corn store and the garrison.

The reflection from Verey lights fired by the R.I.C. and the continuous and rapid exchange of fire made the night one to be remembered by those who were present. After the attack had been two hours in progress the Volunteers succeeded in entering the houses adjacent to the barrack. Having bored holes in the dividing walls of the top storey they next poured petrol into the doomed building. The fire which spread when the petrol was lighted drove the defenders to the ground floor and, a few minutes later, they signified their wish to surrender by throwing a white pillow case through one of the windows. They were then disarmed and marched to the suburbs of the town where they were subsequently released.

Among those who participated in the attacks on the R.I.C. barracks at Carrigtwohill and Cloyne were the following who were later killed at Clonmult: Michael and David Desmond, Michael Hallahan, Jerry Aherne, Donal Dennehy, James Aherne (Cobh); and Paddy Sullivan and Maurice Moore (both of Cobh) who were executed. Others who took part in the attacks were: Jim McCarthy, Mick Murnane, Moss Barry, Dan Walsh, Maurice Horgan, Daithi O'Brien, Michael Burke, Tom O'Shea, Jack O'Connell, Michael Casey, T. Cotter, M. Cotter, S. Kelleher and M. White.