At an early hour yesterday morning, Farran RIC barracks in Co. Cork was attacked by a large body of men and a fierce three hour fight ensued. The garrison, consisting of Sergeant Lawless and Constables Riordan, Keane, Lyons, Flaherty, O’Sullivan and O’Brien were awakened by a terrible explosion, which shook the entire building. It was followed by a fusillade of rifle and revolver fire, which shattered. the windows. The attackers ordered the people out of the house adjoining the barracks before attempting to destroy the station and capture its occupants.

The police put up a desperate defence in an effort to keep the raiders at bay. The attackers brought a large quantity of gelignite into the house next door and exploded it near the western gable. It made a hole in the gable exposing the kitchen range in the barrack, while also levelling the adjoining house to the ground. Meanwhile, the police broke a hole in the wall near the roof and heavily bombed their enemy, which further in­creased the havoc to the adjoining property. They also sent up verey lights, which were ob­served at Ballincollig cavalry barracks, nine miles distant, and a strong patrol was sent out to their relief. The police and military at Cork and Macroom also received notification of the desperate position in which the Farran men were, with the attackers preparing another explosion on a large scale. On their way there, the relief forces were obstructed by fallen trees across roads, while the telephone wires on the Cork and Macroom line were cut. When the large force of police and military approached Farran the attackers withdrew. Police casualties are unknown at time of press and neither is it known if any of their assailants were injured.

Up to yesterday evening the barrack was still occupied by military, guarded by a motor tank.