Cork Peace Alliance

Who Are We

Cork Peace Alliance is a diverse group of individuals. We are human rights, peace, environmental and left wing activists who come together to campaign on peace, social and environmental issues.
We always welcome new people (with or without previous campaigning experience) and have an open door policy, which means anyone is free to come with an issue of importance to them. If there is sufficient interest a campaign group will be formed. While at any one time we will be working on various campaigns, we are clear that the cause of all these issues is the unjust capitalist system we live within and until we change society to a just, equitable and caring one, these problems will persist.
We campaign and raise awareness through public meetings, community and social events, media and protest. Whenever possible we advocate direct action methods to empower ourselves and those we work with.
CPA recognises the most effective work can be done in the area around us. We focus primarily on issues facing Cork City, County and the whole of Ireland.

What We Are Doing At Present

The CPA will be working on issues such as the arms trade, racism, Traveller's issues, refuse charges, and incineration.
Below we have highlighted a few campaigns. We are not closed to new issues and we encourage new issues brought to the group.

Free The Old Head of Kinsale Campaign

The Old Head of Kinsale has been closed to the public since the building of Ireland's most exclusive and expensive golf club. For the last two years the Free the Old Head of Kinsale Campaign has brought out thousands of people to picnic and walk on the Old Head. Each of the Peoples Picnics have forced the golf course to allow the public to walk the Old Head, we have de facto maintained the public right of way on those days. The first People's Picnic of a series is on May 18th, 2003 at 2.00pm. CPA will organise transport from Cork City library.

Fuelling with Vegetable Oil

CPA is currently organising a meeting for people interested in investigating converting vehicles that use diesel fuel to vegetable oil and plan to find creative ways to get and store oil. We want to aid others in converting their vehicles and plan to distribute information on the ideas and practicalities of converting.

Women's Caucus

Politics often draws men more than women to participate. The CPA is planning meetings in investigate and understand why that is and how to facilitate the involvement of more women. We want to challenge the traditional way groups have functioned.

Cork Peace Alliance meets at the CAZ - 4 Knapps Square,
Cork (next to the CAT club) every Tuesday at 8pm.

How We Work

CPA is a democratic, participatory group. We have no leaders and no formal membership. Anyone who shares a commitment to justice and human rights can participate in the group.

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