Blue and Ivory Castle Texture Replacer

By Sorcha Ravenlock

1. What is this?
2. Installation
3. Credits and Usage
4. Contact

1. What is this?

This is a texture replacer for the Imperial Castle Textures, and the dragon statue (ONLY the dragon, the base textures and metal textures have not been modified or included).

Korana has made a wonderful texture Replacer based on the ideas of pre-school children. The result was bright and colourfull, a true fairy tale castle.
After a while I found the gold and red a bit too much, so I have replaced the gold and red with a more muted blue colour, in combination with the beautiful white marble Korana has used. Some gold filligree has been left in place.

A Few Screenshots Included.

2. Installation

Extract this archive directly into your Morrowind directory. Make sure you tell the textures to overwrite any existing ones. These are only textures, there are no meshes or esps.


To uninstall the fantasy castle textures:

-Reinstall the textures from this archive once again, but once you have overwritten them hit the delete key while they are still highlighted. Your game will go back to using Bethesda's Original Textures.


-Install some other Imperial Texture Replacer, and tell your system to overwrite these textures with those.

3. Credits, Usage, and Thanks

Full credits should go to Korana and her pre-school class, who made the original texture repacer.
I have also recolored and used bits of a Redoran Texture Replacer, which I believe was originally the work of Carjano.
Full credits also to Bethesda, for creating this wonderful game, and to NeilV for all his (invaluable) help.
A big Thank you to MK31Bolo for Beta testing :)

Feel free to use these in anyway you see put. Please do give credit to the above mentioned modders though, since they did the hard work of putting these textures together.

4. Contact: