Sorcha Ravenlock's Fuller Bodies.

Created By Sorcha Ravenlock

This file contains an ESP that changes the body weight of the Breton, Imperial,Nordic and Redguard women,to make them look more curvacious.

The weight has been changed as follows:

Normal weight: 0.90
Fuller weight: 1.05

Normal weight: 0.95
Fuller weight: 1.15

Normal Weight: 1.00
Fuller weight: 1.20

Normal Weight: 1.00
Fuller weight: 1.15

As you can see I raised all their weight with 0.20, exept for the bretons, whom I've only raised 0.15.
If you don't like my sizes you can always resize them to taste in the toolset ofcourse, send me an e-mail if you need help with this.

All the clothes will fit on the bodies with no clipping issues because the game automaticly resizes the clothes to fit,so if it didn't clip before it shouldn't now.

The mod is only depended on the Morrowind.esm, so it will work with the original bodies, Better bodies (both naked and underwear) or any other body replacer you might have. However,. I recommend that you use it with Better Bodies for the best result.

It won't affect any custom made races.

I tested this mod with an old saved game and didn't have any doubling issues, so it shouldn't affect your game. However I would recommend making a backup of your saved game before you load this mod just in case :)


This mod will change the weight of all Breton, Imperial,Nordic and Redguard women, including NPC's and Player Character in the game!
This mod is NOT a body replacer, it DOESN'T add new textures or meshes, for the best result I advise that you use Better Bodies.

If you want to use my mod for your own modding purposes, please ask my permission and mention me in your read me.

Just unzip to the data files directory.

This mod has been cleaned with TESTool.


NeilV for all his (invaluable) help.
The wonderful people at canadian Ice and Howndog's Forum for their helpfull suggestions.